Why You Need Air Conditioning This Summer

So every summer you survive the heat … just. If you were merely thinking of getting air conditioning last summer, you will definitely need one this summer. The Bereau of Meterology has just released it’s December to February Climate and Water Outlook, and things are hotting up this summer. Warmer-than-normal summer days are predicted for all regions except western WA, western Victoria and Tasmania.

In fact, most of the continent is in for a summer that’s much hotter and drier than average, warmer summer nights are expected everywhere except western WA, the Queensland coast and a wide area of south-eastern Australia. Add to this the El Nino-like conditions in the tropical Pacific Ocean and average or cooler sea surface temperatures north of Australia which will bring drier than normal conditions across the Kimberley region of WA, the NT, Queensland, northern and eastern SA, NSW and eastern Victoria.

Panasonic-Split_AirconIf you are not in the large percentage of Australians that have air conditioning there is no better time to start planning. SAE group offer solutions for all your cooling Air Conditioning and heating needs from domestic split systems and ducted systems to larger commercial installs. Whether you need a solution for a small bedroom, or large space, our range of top quality products and installation experience will provide the most effective and efficient air conditioning solution for you.

Combining a well designed home or business with a tailored air conditioning solution means you can take advantage of the local climate while still having an efficient system to ensure all year round comfort. Air conditioning systems have come a long way in recent times and incorporating new technologies such as inverters means that you can gain maximum comfort for a minimal ongoing expense.

Simply contact our support team and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss your specific needs. We operate across all regions in Queensland and New South Wales

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