SAE's EV Charger Solar Green Revolution

SAE Group leads the EV charging revolution with our EV Charger Solar solutions. Seamlessly integrating solar panels and batteries, we offer sustainable, eco-friendly charging options. Reduce your carbon footprint and embrace a greener future with our advanced systems. Contact us for a tailored EV charger proposal today.

Home EV Charging Ease and Efficiency with SAE Group

Home electric car chargers are transforming EV ownership, offering convenience and cost savings. SAE Group ensures compatibility with your EV model, bridging infrastructure gaps with expert electricians for home charging solutions. Stop relying on public charging stations and get access to reliable charging solutions for your home, the cheapest way to charge a car is from solar panels, contact us so we can show you the best options to charge your car.

Flexibility for Every Setup

SAE Group’s EV chargers are designed for versatility, seamlessly adapting to different power setups for hassle-free charging in any scenario.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Embrace eco-friendly charging with SAE Group, where EV chargers align perfectly with 100% renewable energy sources, minimising your carbon footprint.

Ready to revolutionise your EV charging experience? Switch to SAE Group’s solar-ready EV chargers now for a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective solution. Harness the power of green energy and charge your vehicle with confidence. Reach out to SAE Group today and take a step towards a cleaner, greener future.

Top of the Line Brands

Embrace excellence with premium solar EV chargers. Renowned for quality and innovation, these top-of-the-line brands redefine EV charging. Choosing a superior charger ensures reliability and efficiency, which are crucial for optimal performance. Discover our range of distinguished brands, or consult our experts to find your perfect solar EV charger solution in Australia.

Discover Your Perfect EV Charger Solution with SAE Group

SAE Group specialises in finding the right EV charger solution for every unique need. Explore our diverse range of EV chargers, tailored to fit your specific requirements. Let us guide you to the ideal choice.

Tesla Wall Connector

Experience seamless charging with Tesla’s Wall Connector, a high-speed EV charger offering up to 70.8 kilometres of range per hour. Ideal for Tesla owners, it ensures a quick and efficient charge at home.

Myenergi Zappi

Myenergi Zappi offers an eco-smart EV charging experience, compatible with all electric vehicles. It efficiently balances solar panel energy, providing sustainable and cost-effective charging solutions.

Fronius Wattpilot

Fronius Wattpilot, designed for versatility and efficiency, is ideal for homes with solar systems. It dynamically adjusts charging rates to optimise solar usage, making it an eco-friendly and cost-saving solution for EV owners.

SolarEdge EV Charger

The SolarEdge EV Charger integrates seamlessly with your home solar system, offering fast and efficient charging. Compatible with a range of electric vehicles, it’s designed to maximise solar energy utilisation, providing an eco-conscious and efficient charging solution.

Act Now for Sustainable Transportation with Solar EV Chargers

Embrace the future of eco-friendly travel in Australia with solar EV chargers. Don’t miss out on current green energy incentives and exclusive offers. Contact SAE Group today for a consultation and discover special packages. The time to switch to sustainable transportation is now – act fast to reap the benefits!

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