Solar Energy Use In Australia

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have released their latest report on Australian Energy Consumption which presents data on the use of solar energy and other energy sources used in Australian household.

“We started publishing statistics on solar electricity in 2011”, said Karen Connaughton from the ABS, “and back then the numbers were pretty small – only about five per cent of households.”

“Jump just three years, to 2014, and there are solar panels being used by fourteen per cent of all households. Add in solar hot water heating and we’re up to 19 per cent, so one in five households are now using some form of solar power. As you might expect in sunny Australia, three-quarters of Australian households use some form of cooling, with just under half choosing reverse cycle air conditioning and the remainder mostly split between refrigerated air conditioning and evaporative coolers.”

The use of solar electricity varied between the states and territories with nearly one in four (24%) households in South Australia, one in five (20%) in Queensland and one in six (16%) in Western Australia using solar electricity. Just over half of Australian households used electricity for their hot water system (56%), over one third used mains gas (38%) and 10% of households used solar hot water systems.

With our commitment to renewable sustainable energy SAE has years of expertise in solar power installations, alongside ongoing solar system maintenance, solar hot water, air conditioning and LED lighting systems. This unique combination of services means that SAE are able to offer you a completely tailored solution to your energy requirements. Letting you take advantage of free power from the sun where appropriate and combining it with conventional electrical solutions. Combining these services in one company means that SAE are able to offer great value for money and very competitive pricing. Click on the images below to discover how we can help you not only reduce your carbon footprint, but save money in the process.


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At SAE Group, we pride ourselves in the selection of the highest quality products available. With a wide range of top quality panels and inverters to suit every need and budget you know your solar investment will save you money year after year. Whether you’re looking for split system air conditioning or ducted air conditioning it’s important to consider ongoing running costs, servicing, parts, and the air conditioner’s operating life. The range of air conditioners supplied by SAE offer superior quality, durability and energy efficiency, so you can climate control your home or business more effectively over the long term.

In line with SAE’s commitment to quality, the Solar hot water systems supplied are sourced from one of the world’s leading renewable energy system manufacturers, offering state of the art technology and world class design. Our systems are built to withstand the harshest conditions and represent new levels of efficiency, cost saving and reliable hot water, all year round.

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