$200.00 off ActronAir Air conditioners

ActronAir Airconditioners Deal Exclusive for SAE Solar Customers:

We will give you $200 off your ActronAir Airconditioner when You Install ActronAir ESP Platinum Plus Ducted Air Conditioning from SAE Group now! (Valid until 24th December 2014)

Weather forecasts predict that we’re in for another blistering summer. But that doesn’t have to be the case for you, when you install the most advanced air conditioner ever produced in Australia, by ActronAir in your home, or office.

7 Reasons Why Install ActronAir from SAE Group?

  1. The ESP Platinum Plus is designed to save you up to $900.00 pa* on your power bills. This adds up to a whopping saving of up to $4.500* over a 5 year period
  2. The ESP Platinum Plus uses Energy Smart Zoning to deliver better energy efficiency and enhanced comfort levels – it’s 75% more efficient than any other ducted systems around.
  3. Professional home assessment, to provide you with the best air conditioning configuration to suite your families lifestyle
  4. Easy finance options
  5. You also get $200.00 off the price when you purchase and install ActronAir ESP Platinum Ducted Air Conditioning (Valid until 24th December 2014)
  6. 5 Year Product Warranty*
  7. Best of all when you purchase ActronAir ESP Platinum you know it will be installed and serviced by professionals the SAE Group.

If you have any questions please call us on 1300 18 20 50 and we’ll be happy to help. Here’s to a comfortable summer at home.

* Energy savings are based on energy costs of 24c per KwHr and air conditioner of 14kW. * Some conditions on the 5 year warranty apply * Offer valid until 24th December 2014.

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