Powerwave Solar Panel

Powerwave is revolutionising the solar panel industry with the innovative TWINPOWER 3 Series, a high-efficiency module series that utilises creative technology for improved module efficiency and power output. These panels reduce mismatch – losses due to slight differences in the electrical characteristics of the installed modules and result in power output reduction.

The low light performance maximises the power of the sun even during prolonged dark days. The panels have undergone electroluminescence (EL) tests three times to spot microcracks on the panels, help find the root cause and ensure quality. Experience the difference with Powerwave’s TWINPOWER 3 Series!

Why Choose Powerwave?

Powerwave has been in the industry for over 35 years and is operating under the Kingston Group of companies. This Australian brand is committed to providing customers and suppliers with the best quality products. All products under the Powerwave brand are underwritten with a product liability policy through Chubb, which means you can rest assured that you’re protected long after you’ve made the purchase. Powerwave understands your needs and aims to provide reliable service backed by extensive expertise. Get the peace of mind you deserve!

Powerwave 415W TWINPOWER 3 Series Features

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