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SAE Group provides tailored solar panel solutions that can assist you in harnessing the potential of the Queensland sunshine! Our team of professionals will communicate with you to develop and implement a system that caters to your specific energy requirements at home or for your business.

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Sunshine Coast

SAE Group makes solar installation on the Sunshine Coast easy.


SAE Group offers hassle-free solar installation services in Brisbane.

Gold Coast

SAE Group provides reliable and efficient solar panel installation services on the Gold Coast.

Tweed Heads

SAE Group delivers dependable and productive solar panel installation solutions in Tweed Heads.


SAE Group offers trustworthy and efficient solar panel installation services in Ballina.

Coffs Harbour

SAE Group is a top solar installer in Coffs Harbour, making solar installation easy for you.

Our Step-By-Step Solar Installation Process

SAE Group is a top solar installer in Queensland, and we’re committed to making the process as easy as possible for you. We’ll break things down into clear, manageable steps that are tailored to your specific needs, so you can transition to solar energy smoothly.
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Initial Consultation

We thoroughly understand your energy needs and goals, setting the stage for a tailored solar solution.

Site Assessment

Our team conducts a detailed evaluation of your property to ensure optimal solar installation, focusing on roof condition, orientation, and electrical infrastructure.

System Design and Proposal

We craft a custom solar system design based on your unique needs, followed by a detailed proposal outlining expected energy production, costs, and the benefits you'll reap.

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Approval and Installation Planning

With your approval, we handle all necessary permits and schedule your installation at a time that causes minimal disruption to your daily life or operations if you’re a business.

Solar Installation

Our certified technicians install your solar system with precision, ensuring every component works harmoniously for maximum energy efficiency and production.

Aftercare and Support

Even after installation, our team will provide ongoing support and maintenance tips to keep your solar system at peak performance. You can also contact us for emergency repairs.

SAE Group's Solar Industries

Solar energy’s rise reshapes various industries, offering clean, cost-effective power. SAE Group leads with tailored solar solutions for residential, commercial and industrial entities, ensuring a greener future.

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Queensland’s sunny climate is ideal for solar system installations. Homeowners can benefit from reduced electricity costs and increased property value, as the abundance of sunlight ensures optimal energy production. This allows households to enjoy significant savings while contributing to environmental sustainability. Moreover, solar power provides energy independence, reducing reliance on the grid and protecting against rising energy costs.


Businesses in Queensland can benefit greatly by adopting solar systems, which can help them reduce operational costs and demonstrate their commitment to the environment. This, in turn, can help businesses attract environmentally conscious customers and investors. Moreover, incorporating solar solutions can make businesses eligible for green certifications, which can enhance their reputation as an eco-friendly business and help them stand out in a highly competitive market.
Commercial solar panels installed by SAE Group
Rows of large solar panels installed on a roof


Large-scale solar installations can offer industrial operations in Queensland a pathway to energy independence, operational savings, and significant sustainability impacts. These solar solutions are designed to meet the heavy and varied energy demands of industrial settings, and they prioritise scalability and seamless integration with existing power infrastructures. By adopting this strategic approach, industries can ensure a continuous power supply and support efficient energy demand management, which underscores a commitment to both economic and environmental sustainability.
Go green with SAE Group’s solar solutions for your home, business or industry.
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Flexible Financing for Accessible Solar Transitions

Unlock big savings with our affordable finance options. We simplify your solar journey, making it financially accessible for everyone. Choose a plan that fits your budget and start your solar transformation today. SAE Group offers exclusive financing options for various power needs. Talk to our team for more details.

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