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Shifting the limits with excellent MPPT efficiency

Fronius is a european company established by founder, Günter Fronius, in Austria in 1945. The company, over time, has grown from being a welding and battery charger manufacturer, to become one of the most prominent european players in the solar market. Fronius’ solar division has been operating in this field since 1992 and, since then, it has developed a wide series of photovoltaic solutions.

Fronius make some of the best inverters in the world. While they were seen as playing catch up with SMA in terms of industry reputation and quality, they have well and truly caught up in the last 2 years. The Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter is also one of the first inverter brands to be named as compatible with the Tesla Powerwall battery system with the ability to integrate seamlessly.

The Fronius Symo, Primo and Galvo models all have “smart grid” features built in that allow you to meet most electricity network grid connection rules with excellent connectivity. Their MPPT efficiency is legendary.

Depending on your requirements and specifications, Fronius offer grid-connected inverters (Snap Inverter, Fronius Symo and Fronius Galvo series), string inverters (Fronius IG Plus, Fronius IG TL, and Fronius IG series), and central inverters that are an ideal choice for commercial and industrial solar applications (Fronius Agilo, Fronius Agilo TL, and Fronius CL).

In late 2010, Fronius opened its Australian office. Based in Melbourne, this new division proved extremely important in order to meet the increasing demand for solar products in Australia. Here, the company not only provides customer service and technical assistance but also offers product demonstrations and training courses.

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