Making the best use of solar panels

Every single house, residential area and city needs energy. Sungrow provides flexible solutions that meet a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial needs with clean and sustainable electricity. Sungrow’s portfolio provides inverters and power storage technologies, as well as a variety of solutions for efficient operation according to each customer’s budget. Sungrow products can be seamlessly integrated into existing grids according to any required standard certification.

High Yield

  • Higher yield with maximum efficiency 98.4%
  • Flexible PV string configurations, DC/AC ratio up to 1.3

Smart Management

  • Easy local and online monitoring via App or Web
  • Export power control with smart energy meter

Safe and durable

  • Built-in surge arresters and residual current protection
  • High anti-corrosion with aluminium alloy die casting

Easy and user friendly

  • 11.5kg compact design, plug and play installation
  • Fast commissioning via LCD

Datasheet: SG3K-D_SG5K-D Datasheet_EN

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