Have You Checked Your Solar Panels After The Latest Storms?

Important: Check Your Solar Panels After the Latest Storms!

It is a necessity to check your solar panels after the latest storms for safety and maintenance, according to Ergon Energy.

Homes from Sydney to Brisbane have taken a massive beating over the past two weeks, with severe storms wreaking havoc up and down the East Coast of Australia.  More than one in four regional Queensland homes and almost as many in New South Wales have a solar system installed.  It is vital that these systems are checked, for the safety of you and your family!

Last week alone, the dangerous storms struck with such ferocity that South-East Queenslanders made 4,000 triple-0 calls between 3pm and 8pm on Friday.  That is an average of 13 emergency calls for every 1 minute.  In New South Wales the thunderstorms together with the heavy falls exceeding 110 mm and strong winds saw massive insurance claims.  “Eighty five per cent for home and contents for wind-related and water damage,”  spokesman Peter Zangari said.

Just like your home, your solar power system is an investment and like any electrical equipment, it’s important to check your solar panels after the latest storms.  In fact, regular maintenance on solar systems is required for safe and efficient use. After severe storms like the ones experienced over the past two weeks, all connections and fasteners need to be checked against failure immediately, this is a strong recommendation from all reputable manufacturers, along with Australia’s Clean Energy Council after a major storm.

According to the Master Builders Association, with the amount of rainfall over the past two weeks and subsequent flooding, electrical safety is paramount. “Home owners with solar systems should be aware that their system may continue to produce power, despite network power outages. A licensed electrical contractor should be the only person to deal with solar system after a disaster event or major storm.”  To arrange for a check of your solar panels after the latest storms, please contact us now on 1300 182 050.

Why is checking your solar panels after the latest storms so important?  Solar panels are now on the roofs of over 25% of Queensland homes and 13% of New South Wales homes (data as of April 2015 – http://pv-map.apvi.org.au/historical#4/-26.67/134.12) and these solar panels can generate up to 1000v DC. That energy coupled with loose connections created by severe storms and even normal wear and tear over time, can easily cause a fire if the fault or any loose connections are not detected.

Your Solar PV systems safety and maintenance must be conducted by a licensed, insured and CEC accredited electrician and should not be attempted by anyone without an electrical license. During post-storm checks of panels, our solar maintenance includes:

  • Physical electrical and systems inspection on all components of your solar system including fasteners and connections.
  • Electrical characteristics test where we open and inspect all DC isolators to check connection and water ingress
  • Check the inverter for correct operation and clean any air filters.
  • Any minor issues are fixed immediately.
  • Detect and report any areas of concern regarding the panels and inverter we are not able to deal with that will require further action.
  • A full report is provided at the conclusion of the service with any small adjustments made and areas that require attention

Don’t risk your home or your solar investment, our fully qualified and experienced electricians will check all of your panels, racking, wiring, inverter and the overall solar system performance. A full insurance report can also be provided if required for any claims.

Book a Complete Inspection and Service Today! Call us on 1300 182 050 or Click Here to make an appointment.


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