The 2015 Budget: 2 x the Benefit with Solar Panels for Business

The 2015 Budget: 2 x the Benefit with Solar Panels for Business

  1. Benefit from the $20k Asset Write-Off, and

  2. Benefit by Saving on Electricity for Decades to Come

Thanks to the 2015 Budget, solar panels for business are now a very viable investment. Your business will enjoy the results of significant savings on electricity bills for years to come!

Solar Panels for Business – A Testimonial from Before the 2015 Budget Incentive


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For many of you, the Small Business Incentive included in the 2015 Budget, was a welcome offering. The great news is that solar panels for business is a great way to get the optimum results from this incentive. This tax write-off allows you to immediately claim against any equipment purchase up to $20,000 in value.

However, the real benefit is the fact that you can use this incentive to purchase solar panels for business buildings, and massively reduce your electricity expenses. Electricity prices continue to increase at an alarming rate! Beat these expenses with On-Going Savings thanks to solar power!

You make the most of the Small Business Tax Incentive to purchase your solar panels for business use. Then you see the savings continue every quarter for decades to come. Here’s how;

  • Capitalise on the 2015 Small Business Tax Incentive

  • Take advantage of the government rebates available for purchasing solar power. This reduces your up-front costs significantly

The end result is that you have paid far less for your solar power system to be installed. You can claim it on the tax write-off incentive for small business. MOST IMPORTANTLY, you are reducing one of your main expenses, electricity, not just once, but for many years to come.

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Pricing Example for Solar Panels for Business Use:

Installing a 15kW Solar Power System.

A system of this size would normally be around the $30,000 mark*.

However, with the current government ‘Small-scale Technology Certificates’ available, you will save around $12,900 on the 15kW system.

The up-front cost is now below the $20,000 mark, making it ideal for use with the 2015 Budget Small Business incentive.

How does this impact on your current electricity power consumption?

A 15kW system will generate upwards of 1,850kWh per 30 days.  To see how 15kW of solar panels for business would impact your bottom line, simply grab your most recent electricity bill.  Usually on the second page you will see both your electricity usage in kW, and how much you pay per kW.  From here you can work out what you would save with a 15kW system.

However, this size system is not for everyone.  This is why we have one of our friendly Senior Energy Efficiency Consultants come and work with you to determine the right number of solar panels for business use.

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Quotes Regarding the 2015 Budget Small Business Incentive

“Small business has become the great disrupter of the world economy and we’ve just got to give people a chance… anything under $20,000 is immediately 100 per cent tax deductible from tonight,” Treasurer Joe Hockey said after delivering the 2015 budget.

Following the 2015 Budget and announcement of the small business incentives, Russell Marsh, policy director at the Clean Energy Council said, “A typical small business can slash its power bills by about a quarter by installing a large solar power system, but many smaller operators often don’t have the up-front capital they need to make the investment.”

This is a great opportunity for small business to harness the benefits and improve their bottom line. “This tax break could be enough of an incentive to help small businesses to help themselves become more efficient and competitive by reducing their costs on electricity over the long term,” Said Mr Marsh.

This was further supported by John Grimes, the CEO of the Australian Solar Council who said, “Small businesses across Australia can install solar systems, slash their power bills and get an immediate tax write-off of their asset,.” Mr Grimes went on to state; “It is the best use of capital.”




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