Standing Up for Solar Power

More than 1.3 million Aussie homes are benefiting from solar power.

Solar power is the most recognised and utilised renewable energy available to households today.  However, it’s not all “sunshine” (pun absolutely intended…)!  The larger energy companies, the federal and some state governments allegedly favour coal stations and other fossil fuels. For this reason, we ask you to join us in Standing Up for Solar!!

The most noticeable benefits of solar power include:

  • Using a renewable energy instead of a fossil fuel
  • The benefits of cheaper power
  • A reduction in electricity bills
  • A smaller carbon footprint and less impact on environment

However, there have been numerous reports of home owners being victims of some dirty tactics by the larger energy companies. This is well reported, including this news report by the ABC; – due to this and stories like it, Standing Up for Solar is a way to deliver a very clear, strong message.

Why is it that the large energy companies are able to get away with hindering the attempts of home owners trying to be more energy efficient, as well as reducing the cost of living. These larger companies should be held to a high standard in regards to quality and customer service. Instead they seem ‘untouchable’… Standing Up for Solar is a way to ensure that home owners can be protected.

More recently, the Federal Government was challenging the Renewable Energy Target (RET). This government also seems to be taking sides with the fossil fuel power stations, which is fairly evident in their ‘White Paper on Energy’ released this week (this will be covered by a separate article). Is it possible that the government is more interested in the revenue associated with the mining of fossil fuels, than it is with the long term future of our country??? Another important reason to join in ‘Standing Up for Solar’.

Enough is enough, it is time to Take the new pledge to Stand Up For Solar to help build a force for a strong solar future that won’t be ignored, no matter who is running the country.

Standing Up For Solar - Protecting Australia's Solar Power

Feed-in tariffs have been reduced by state and territory governments in Australia. In addition to this, the energy companies continue to push for massive increases in the unreasonable fees and costs they charge. The larger energy companies have set their sights on attacking the RET. Why should we be Standing Up for Solar? Why should we be concerned?

  • This has great impact on the environment and sustainability
  • Electricity bills are only going to continue to rise at a rate well above the CPI. The government even admits to this in their white paper
  • The federal government is strongly recommending that all state governments sell an electricity assets they have. The thought behind this is that privatisation will create a more competitive market (however, profit is main priority of any private company). Could it also be that the governments don’t want to be left owning any obsolete assets, like the older style coal power stations?
  • Both larger energy companies and the federal government are trying to weaken the Renewable Energy Target (RET)
  • Solar power is a growing, technologically advancing industry
  • It brings investment to Australia
  • It employs approximately 18,000 people

There has been a lot of feedback through numerous channels within the Solar power industry – feedback to see a positive changes for home owners with solar and for the future of solar power. The desired goals are to see the following;

  • A strong solar energy and renewable goal
  • A ‘fair-go’ for home owners with solar power
  • Help for home owners who are facing large increases with their electricity bills

To see the complete plan outlined and to add your support to ‘Standing Up For Solar’ please click on this link: –  

3,500 new solar power systems are being installed every week, adding to the more than 1.3 million homes already using solar power. Extensive polling has clearly shown that over 75% of Australians believe we should be increasing the use of solar and renewable energy. However, this isn’t usually enough to motivate a politician to act. The Queensland State Election got their attention, but nothing more. It is time to send our politicians a strong, clear message about the importance we Australians place on solar power and the Renewable Energy Target. Our politicians need to know that millions of Australians are Standing Up for Solar.

All we ask you to do is visit the Standing Up for Solar website, and add your name to the Standing Up for Solar pledge. Why not take it a step further and encourage your friends and family to check it out and add their names.

Standing Up for Solar has planned an exciting campaign that will take place all over Australia. It will include events and activities throughout the coming months. This is to help highlight the inadequacies and unfair playing field that currently exist. This is to benefit the more than 1.3 million home owners who already have solar power, and the 3,500 new solar power owners that join weekly. For more information, head to the Standing Up for Solar website.

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