Is Your Home Air-Conditioned For Summer?

Air conditioning is a necessity this Summer with El Nino affecting Australia

Summer is around the corner again, and things are heating up with predictions of higher temperatures than normal. In fact, Meteorologists from around the world are warning Australia will be facing one of the most severe El Nino events in nearly 20 years bringing heatwaves to much of eastern and northern Australia. With increased heatwaves predicted, is your living and working environment Air-conditioned for Summer?

A major El Nino event, produces drier, hotter conditions across much of eastern Australia, and is quite often associated with drought. As the warmth shifts east, so does the cloud and rain, and Australia becomes dominated by big, dry, cloudless and rainless high-pressure systems. In other words – increased heat. Taking control of your living and working environment this summer is now a necessity.

If you are not in the large percentage of Australians that have air conditioning there is no better time to start planning. SAE group offer solutions for all your Air Conditioning needs from domestic split systems and ducted systems to larger commercial installs. Whether you need climate control for a small bedroom, or large office space, our range of top quality products and installation experience will provide the most effective and efficient air conditioning solution for you.

If you do already have Air conditioning installed, our qualified team can service and maintain your system to ensure you are getting the maximum efficiency from your air conditioning.

Combining a well-designed home or business with a tailored air conditioning solution means you can take advantage of the local climate while still having an efficient system to ensure all year round comfort. Air conditioning systems have come a long way in recent times and incorporating new technologies such as inverters means that you can gain maximum comfort for a minimal ongoing expense. In fact, most modern reverse cycle air conditioning systems are now even cheaper than gas & electric when heating during winter months..

As energy efficiency is at the heart of everything we do, SAE Group only work with and supply the best quality energy efficient air conditioning units. We understand that not only does your home need to be air conditioned for summer but reduced running costs and energy efficiency needs to also be a major factor in choosing your air conditioning system.

Take a look at our range of air conditioners today from split system units that are usually wall mounted to large ducted air conditioning systems we ensure that you get the right sized system to suit the area required. While we have a recommended Range of Air Conditioners we do service and supply other brands on request.

To make sure your home is air conditioned for summer simply contact our support team and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your specific needs. Our air conditioning services are available across South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.


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