Community Club See’s Value In Going Green

Club Lennox is the latest community organisation to see the value in going green with 264 top of the range solar panels currently being installed by SAE Group.

The roof-top installation which costs $70,000 is a 68.4kW solar system and will power two-thirds of the club.

The green initiative is expected to pay for itself in just three-and-a-half years due to the amount saved on electricity bills.

General manager Geoff Martin said “The introduction of renewable energy will ensure a better future for the club and will act as a significant energy saving measure, while also saving money on our energy bills and investing in renewable energy,”.

After reopening its doors to the public in 2013, the solar panel installation is part of the clubs eco-friendly initiatives to see a more sustainable, better Club Lennox.

Other green initiatives include a glass crusher to recycle bottles, organic bins for kitchen waste, large recycling bins, rainwater tanks to water the greens and a waterless urinal system in the men’s bathrooms.

Club Lennox is a community organisation serving the small community of Lennox Head, Northern NSW. It provides bowling greens, sports club, and entertainment to it’s residents.

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