Greens Call for Solars Panels on All Council Buildings

A proposed plan being launched today by the Australian Greens would see all council facilities and infrastructure across Australia installed with rooftop solar panels.

The eco friendly initiative hopes to cut council expenditure on power bills and thus save ratepayers money.

Under the Greens plan, solar companies would be allowed to install solar panels on council building in a complementary exchange to lower energy costs.

Queensland Senator Larissa Waters who is the Australian Greens deputy leader and a spokesperson on climate change will discuss the parties plan at a Solar Citizens Political Forum today.

In the lead up to forum, Senator Waters has said ‘Council can offer up the roofs of its libraries, swimming pool buildings and bus depots, in exchange for cheaper power bills,’.

‘This is an example of the proactive, positive work forward-thinking local governments can do to be part of the solar-powered economy,’ she said.

Ben Pennings, a Brisbane lord-mayoral candidate for the Greens said the ‘Shading Our Suburbs’ Plan would also call for submission for building new solar panel structures that create shade.

Saying ‘For example, solar companies could build solar panel shade structures for car parks at council’s swimming pools to run the power-hungry pumps”.

‘It will mean fewer families getting into hot cars after cooling off at the pool,’

‘With solar technology, including battery storage, developing so rapidly, this is a chance to provide more local jobs in the solar industry.

Adding, ‘Residents tell us shade is desperately needed over walkways and bikeways throughout the suburbs.

Mr Pennings believes their plan is a great opportunity to encourage active transport, reduce congestion and save ratepayers money too.

For more details on the proposed plan from the Greens, click here to view Sentor Larissa Water press statement.
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