Seraphim Awarded Prestigious Tier 1 Classification

Seraphim Solar has received the most prestigious, and most coveted Tier 1 classification in Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance’s latest PV Market Outlook. A privilege only a small percentage of solar panel manufactures have been able to achieve to date.


The unique tiering system for global PV module makers was independently developed by Bloomberg and is based on “bankability”- whether projects using the solar products are likely to be offered non-recourse debt financing by banks. The tiering system is designed to create a transparent differentiation between the hundreds of manufacturers of solar modules throughout the world. Large commercial buyers, major utilities, banking institutions, and other major module purchasers all rely on this classification system.

Bloomberg also recommends module purchasers, utilise the top due diligence firms that measure exact quality and real performance of modules.

Seraphim was the first module manufacturer in the world to pass the most stringent TUV SUD “Thresher” test, which determines true long-term performance and safety. It was also the world’s first manufacturer to pass the TUV SUD On-site Power Measurement Validation program, to guarantee the modules true power output.

Photon Laboratory, one of the most trusted and rigorous testing laboratories in the industry, has consistently graded Seraphim in the top of their yield measurement analysis since 2012.

In a statement Seraphim’s Executive Manager Justin XI say’s “Seraphim takes quality management as the key to company’s sustainable development. We equip ourselves with advanced fully-automatic production line, strict in-line quality control system, experienced technical team, and unique self-developed ERP system, which can enable clients to monitor their every panel’s production process live through the internet. At the same time, the advanced ERP system provides comprehensive data package support, and guarantees the product full quality traceability. The ERP system realizes the real “full transparency” manufacturing philosophy,”

Adding “Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance’s Tier 1 title will help to enlarge Seraphim’s global market share, by adding advantage to us on large scale ground power plants projects.”

Seraphim, as a global module supplier, has just expanded its production capacity China to 1.1 GW, and another 300 MW USA, because of their increased market share and loyal clients.


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