15,000+ Businesses Go Solar to Save Millions

According to the Clean Energy Council in a statement released recently, more than 15,000 Australian businesses have now gone solar! “Businesses have now invested almost $460 million in solar power systems across the country, helping them to collectively save about $64 million on their bills every year,” said Clean Energy Council Acting Chief Executive Kane Thornton. An increasing number of Australian businesses are turning to solar power as a way of slashing their power bills, and reducing operating costs and overheads, with the potential for tens of thousands more to follow suit if the Renewable Energy Target (RET) is left as legislated.

Connelly Concrete Solar Installation Case Study
Connelly Concrete Solar Installation Case Study: Energy Saving: $22,200 per year – Return On Investment: 2 years, 5 months

“More than 15,000 businesses have now installed a commercial-size solar power system. These businesses cover a broad range of sectors, from dairy and chicken farmers through to wineries, offices, supermarkets and retail outlets. There is an increasing recognition that the current modest support provided by the RET means the business case for solar power makes sense, helping businesses become more competitive in tough economic conditions.” Mr Thornton said if the Federal Government decided to cut the RET following its current review of the policy, it would make it much harder for homes and businesses to go solar in the future, and put thousands of solar industry jobs at risk.

“Some of the recommendations outlined in the recently released review would either shut down these opportunities, or make it so administratively complex for businesses to go solar that they wouldn’t bother,” he said. “This is a very effective policy which is working well and will begin to phase out naturally from 2017. The rest of the world is going full-speed ahead on solar and there is a huge opportunity here for Australian businesses if we leave the RET alone.

“As well as helping businesses to save on their bills, the RET is projected to deliver a further $15 billion of investment in large-scale renewable energy, as well as billions more in household technologies such as solar power and solar hot water. “The renewable energy sector employs 21,000 people and 13,000 in solar alone, many of which live in regional areas of the country. If the RET is cut it would have a significant and immediate effect on the solar industry and lead to the loss of up to 5800 jobs in this part of the sector alone.”

So how does this affect your business? With the RET recommended to be cut for installations over 10kW or even removed completely, your business will lose this rebate opportunity when the Government hands down their decision in the coming weeks. As a business ourselves SAE understand that return on investment and savings to your operating costs are two of the most important things to your business. SAE Group are proudly at the forefront of helping Australian businesses go solar and further improve their overall energy efficiency with LED Lighting and Air Conditioning.

With over 400kW Commercial Solar installations currently in the pipeline from Brisbane to Port Macquarie for the next month alone, SAE are a trusted, well-known name for commercial solar power. We have extensive Case Studies in which the ROI and annual savings are calculated so you know what you are investing in and what your returns will be. Our portfolio is as wide as it is varied from Farms to Schools to Travel Centres and Car Washes, even the Port Of Brisbane has had solar installed by SAE Group. Don’t miss the solar boat. If you are interested in learning how solar can benefit your business bottom line before the Government steps in, contact us now or call us on 1300 182 050.

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