Beware solar doorknockers operating in your area

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Recently there has been an increase in some solar companies operating information sessions with the lure of bulk buy solar discounts in your area.

These often commissioned-sellers give the renewable energy industry a bad reputation, at times employing unscrupulous selling tactics, and we for one won’t stand for it.

At SAE Group we believe knowledge is power, and we pride ourselves on delivering expert advice so that our customers can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an energy solution.

We also understand from years of experience, that no two homes are the same, so finding the right solar solution for you and your home will not be the same as your neighbour.

If you’re considering solar, you’ll also know it’s a minefield out there, so to help you navigate your way to the right solution for you, we have to put together a few points that will help you feel confident you are making the right decision.


  1. Keep calm and get a second proposal. Some consumers have recently reported they have been sold solar systems on the promise they have secured a discounted price, only to find out after the fact they have paid much more than the system is worth. In some cases consumers have reported paying thousands more for inferior products. Don’t be pushed in to signing on the spot. Investing in solar is an investment in your future and you need to be sure you are not paying through the nose for an inferior system that might not suit your energy needs.
  1. Read between the lines. Look for the gaps in the sleek sales pitch. Who can you call when the salesperson sails off in to the sunset? Who can you contact should something go wrong with your system? Where is the company based? Who will install your system? Are they local? Are they accredited electrical contractors? It may feel like you’re running the Spanish Inquisition, but remember, knowledge is power and you will quickly pick the genuine experts from the stammering salesmen. At SAE Group we are your local experts in renewable energy solutions, servicing your area since 2010. We will be here should you ever need us, in years to come.

Did you know we are also responsible for large scale design and installation of underground and overhead services among other things? Yep, we are busy futureproofing the energy needs of your community as well.

If you’re ready to take control of your energy future, and you’re looking for honest, trustworthy advice from your local energy contractor, call us today on 1300 18 20 50 for a chat, or fill out the form below for a tailored solution that’s designed to enhance your lifestyle today and well in to the future.

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