Gold Master Electrician & two ISO certifications – What a combo!

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Did you know that the combination of having the Gold Master Electrician certificate and two ISO certifications is an incredibly unique achievement in the Solar, Energy and Electrical industries?   


In fact, acquiring these achievements takes consistent care and commitment towards business practices, operations, people and teams, along with an essential sense of community responsibility.

Some of the areas that are put under the microscope in order to achieve these certifications include safety, planning, improvement, performance evaluation, support, operations, leadership, legal and regulatory requirements, efficiency, performance, ethics, and service to the public to name but a few!

Here at SAE Group, we maintain a growth mindset in every aspect of our business, consistently asking the question “How can we do it better?” This single most potent question keeps improvement at the forefront of every SAE Group decision, ultimately promoting constant internal and external growth.

SAE Group Managing Director, Glen Ashton believes it is a true reflection of the company’s values and goes on to say…

“It’s fantastic to be recognised for our dedication and approach to health and safety processes and quality management systems. We take these aspects into account regularly as they effect everyday operations”.

SAE Group Gold Master Electrician and ISO

So let’s talk on the powerful combination of these three certifications.

Firstly, Masters Electricians Australia (MEA) EST 1937, is recognised by industry, government and the community as the leading business partner, knowledge source and advocate for the electrical industry.

MEA introduced an Industry Recognition Program which rewards businesses and their commitment to a set of important ideals, not just for being a member. There are three tiers in the Industry Recognition Program, including bronze, silver and gold.

The Gold Master Electrician accreditation is the absolute pinnacle achievement within the electricity industry in Australia, often taking twenty years to achieve, the SAE Group has managed to achieve this impressive industry accreditation within ten short years, having consistently met the criteria of ensuring the highest of ethics in all business transactions and services to the public, upheld at all times. This achievement is regularly monitored to assure validity.

Gold Master Electrician achievement image

Then there are the two Internal Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certificates that have been achieved. The ISO is an organisation based in Switzerland, established in 1947 their major work is the creation of voluntary international standards. To be recognised as ISO-compliant, a company must undergo audits by accredited entities and be prepared to regularly be re-audited to maintain the achieved certification – it is a commitment.

The first is the ISO 9001 Quality Management certification and the second is the AS/NZS 4801 in Safety Management.

To obtain these, we needed to prove our commitment toward putting health, safety and well-being at the forefront of our operations to ensure a safe workplace; reducing risk and workplace incidents and accidents.

We consistently demonstrate strong quality management systems to ensure we meet key stakeholder and customer needs, whilst meeting statutory and regulatory requirements.

“Being awarded these certificates is incredibly important to us all at SAE Group. These are areas at the forefront of who we are as a company, they guide and govern our systems,” says SAE Group Operations Director, Nathan Gudsell “It is paramount that our work, no matter the size or scale, is carried out to the best of our ability”. 

At SAE Group we are proud to add these certifications to our portfolio, as we are constantly striving to ensure a happy, healthy and safe workplace for all staff and contractors, as well as continually aiming to improve systems and processes to ensure ongoing performance excellence toward our customers.

So to wrap up:

  • SAE Group achieved Gold Master Electrician accreditation in half the usual time allocated.
  • ISO certifications are voluntary but show a company’s commitment to its operations and customers.
  • SAE Group demonstrate quality management and meet statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • SAE Group’s number one focus is safety.

To read more on the ISO certifications:

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AS/NZS 4801 in Safety Management

To read more on the Gold Master Electrician accreditation:

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