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Virtual Power Plants: what they are and how they can benefit you

Virtual Power Plants, also commonly referred to as VPP’s, have been around for a little while but recently you may have heard a bit more noise about them. This is the direct result of more people installing batteries to their new or existing solar systems. Here at SAE Group we have always erred on the side of caution when its come to batteries. Not because the technology or concept hasn’t been great, but namely due to the return on investment. Until recently it was more economical for (the majority) of our customers to delay investing in a battery, however times are changing, and quickly! With VPP’s now making waves (big ones!) we truly believe it’s the right time to consider adding a battery to your new, or existing system.


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What is a VPP

Simply put, a VPP allows your battery to become a part of a network of household solar and batteries within your state. It combines the electricity sitting in your battery into a large power source that can be managed remotely by a VPP provider. During times of critical need, and when wholesale electricity prices are high, this network (your VPP) will act like a mini power station and will be triggered to discharge excess stored battery energy back to the grid. Just like electricity companies, there are a range of VPP providers and the way they operate differs. When you join a VPP you can elect how much electricity they can pull from your battery when required, ensuring they don’t deplete your self-generated supplies for those times when you need it most. Your VPP provider will help you to determine how much energy you require vs. how much you can send to the grid, optimising your system to its full capacity.

What are the benefits of a VPP? 

VPP’s have both financial and environmental benefits. The obvious benefit is that you are paid for the electricity that is sent to the grid from your battery – this means you could then receive an additional payment on top of your existing/normal feed-in tariff that you receive. At times when electricity prices are exorbitant you can access discounted rates through your VPP provider. Economically your contribution to a VPP program will help to prevent black outs at times of the most need and environmentally you are contributing clean, green energy directly to the grid!

Interested in finding out more?

Get in touch with us today to discuss the best battery option for your home, whether you already have solar or are wanting a whole new system. Our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss VPP and different options and providers with you as well.

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