Strong Renewable Energy Support From Conservative Voters

A survey conducted by ReachTEL in December 2015 reveals there is strong renewable energy support across voters of all political leanings.

According to the survey, of thousands of residents across the federal electorates of New England, Page, Warringah and Dickson, just 14% to 18% opposed a renewables energy powered Australia. Moreover 72-77% of voters polled in the conservative electorates support Australia becoming a 100% renewable energy powered nation by 2030.

The polling of these voters also indicated a global moratorium on new coal mines had strong support; at 50 – 57%.

When it came that Labor and Greens voters, the survey unsurprisingly indicated even stronger support for renewable energy.

Executive Director of The Australia Institute Ben Oquist said “Part of Tony Abbott’s undoing was was that he placed himself at odds with the electorate on this issue,”

Adding “These results show politicians of any hue who undermine support for a 100% renewable future risk an electoral backlash.”

Mr. Oquist also stated construction of new mines in a struggling market is “a recipe for economic disaster.”

“China recently announced a 3 year moratorium on new coal mines. Malcolm Turnbull can and should show the same commitment to deliver on commitments made at the Paris climate meeting in December 2015,” he said.

The chances of a moratorium in Australia seem slim at best with Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg on the record for saying there was a “strong moral case” for coal and his governments re-approval in October 2015 for Adani to build the massive and very controversial Carmichael coal mine.

The Australia Institute is actively campaigning against new coal mines in Australia and says a local moratorium will send the strongest political signal to governments of all political leanings that the reign of coal is over.

Here at SAE we look forward to seeing any positive action by Malcolm Turnbull on renewable energy and climate change. Not only is it beneficial for our environment, but it will bolster an industry here in Australia that SHOULD be a global leader without the interference of politicians.

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