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Last Updated: October 24, 2023

At SAE Group we love to see our customers maximise the return on their investment in solar power and the system we recommend to achieve this is a SolarEdge inverter working in conjunction with SolarEdge power optimisers underneath every solar panel. This system has many benefits as per the below which we will go into in further detail:

Industry leading warranties with SolarEdge inverters and power optimisers

SolarEdge inverters come standard with 12 year warranties, this is far longer than a standard solar inverter warranty of 5 years.

SolarEdge power optimisers come standard with a 25 year warranty, that is the same length as the performance warranty on the solar panels they are connected too.

Sae Group are certified SolarEdge InstallersThe Limited warranty for SolarEdge solar power inverters and the solar panel optimisers does not cover labour costs of a third party to travel to your property and replace or repair the units, however Sae Group are a SolarEdge Certified Installer and as a certified installer SolarEdge will cover our labour costs for any warranty work.

Higher power production compared to standard solar power systems

With the power optimisers underneath each solar panel the SolarEdge technology can harvest more power than a standard solar inverter from each individual solar panel being optimised individually rather than at a central point with a typical string inverter. This provides higher performance by:

  • Solar panel power tolerance mis-match losses only affect the single panel rather than a whole string
  • Shading on solar panels only affect the shaded panels, not the whole system
  • Soiling / dirt on solar panels – the dirtiest panels won’t affect the whole system
  • Limiting affects of different temperatures in a solar array
  • Solar panels do not all age at the same rate – SolarEdge power optimisers limit the affects of this.

For more information on these different areas check out the SolarEdge white paper on module level power optimising here.

Greater system up time compared to other solar power systems

With the inbuilt monitoring system on the SolarEdge system we will be notified immediately via email if a problem occurs with your system, even directing down to which panel on the roof is the problem. This is extremely helpful with larger commercial solar power systems as a problem with one solar panel out of hundreds can be extremely difficult to ascertain let alone locate.

We have lost count of the numbers of phone calls we’ve had from people with a problem with their solar power system that has not been checked for months and they have only identified something was wrong from an unexpectedly high power bill! With a SolarEdge system we can ensure that you don’t end up with that problem.

Greatly increased safety features

Standard grid connect solar power systems run at very high DC voltages which are a real hazard during installation, maintenance and a real problem for fire fighters if they are ever required to come to come to your property as if the sun is shining the solar panels cannot be turned off without physically getting up on the roof and disconnecting the solar panels. With a SolarEdge solar power system the minute the power from the street or the inverter is turned off each power optimiser will go into safe mode and only output 1V worth of power. This immediatley makes the system safe for maintenance, testing, fire fighting etc.

Web based monitoring system to ensure all components are functioning correctly

With the SolarEdge web based monitoring systems the performance of the solar power system can be checked from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection and provides useful data on the systems performance throughout its lifetime.

Additional components can be added to even monitor the power consumption at your site as well; with the lower feed in tariffs around these days this can be a powerful tool to maximise your self consumption of solar power.

As can be seen with all the features above a solar power system fitted with a SolarEdge inverter and power optimisers is a fantastic long term choice to ensure the maximum performance from your solar power system. To find out more about solar power systems Sunshine Coast with SolarEdge products checkout the SolarEdge website or click below.

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