SAE Group Are Proud to Be Gold Master Electricians

SAE Solar Technician Carrying a Solar Panel

SAE Group are proud to be GOLD Master Electricians

SAE Group are thrilled to announce its recent Gold Master Electrician status. Master Electricians Australia is an organisation dedicated to connecting electrical contractors with local services to build business success, providing industry development and representation across Australia. The aim of the organisation is to improve industry standards for both electrical companies, as well as consumers.

Master Electricians have introduced a new Industry Recognition Program which rewards businesses commitment to a set of important ideals, not just for being a member. There are three tiers in the program, bronze, silver and gold. To attain gold status, the pinnacle of achievement within the industry, a business must fulfil and maintain the accreditation assessment or reach 20 years as a member.

Although shy of the 20 years of membership requirement, having been established for almost 10 years, SAE Group’s recent accreditations in AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 9001 proving strong quality management processes and high safety standards meet the requirements for a gold level achievement.

If you would like to know more about Master Electricians and the criteria required to meet each tier, click here.

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