Electricity Safety After Severe Storms and Flooding

The beginning of April saw Queensland having to survive severe storms & flooding from Cyclone Debbie. SAE Group have always been proud to be a part of the Northern NSW Community. In the aftermath of cyclone Debbie, we have seen the devastation in our own backyard with Northern New South Wales being one of the hardest hit with so many residents losing everything.

So many of those affected simply don’t (or can’t) have insurance and have already lost so much of their personal items, if not everything. It is, for this reason, we as a company have been working around the clock to get power back on for flood-affected houses. However, as a company, SAE Group can only do so much. We have asked authorities to help out with funding to get power back on to no avail… so we resorted to asking the community via a GoFundMe Campaign.

Due to insurance loopholes, most of these hardworking people have no insurance and simply no money to pay for repairs. Electricity is something we all take for granted, and we are doing all we can for this community. Saturday 8th April we completed three jobs where the customers did not have any insurance or spare money at all two of which had just lost everything as the water went over one-meter deep through the top storey of their homes.

  • The first house we had to install a new switchboard, redo the consumer’s mains and change all of the power points and light switches test and commission the circuits. We had to leave one circuit off as there was still water trapped between the first level and the ground floor. This customer had no insurance and no money to pay for the work, the job was valued at around $3900.  You can watch the video below to see the damage that was left behind.
  • The second job was to replace all of the downstairs power points and switches, test and commission the circuits. This would be valued at around $1000
  • The 3rd house we had to replace all of the power points and light switches as test and commission the circuits. This would be valued at around $1500

Electrical Flood Relief Work

SAE Group is committed to helping get customers power back on from the floods from Cyclone Debbie throughout Murwillumbah. As you can see from the video, this customer had water three foot deep through the second floor of the house. All of his possessions were located on the front lawn, and he has lost everything. No insurance, no money to pay for repairs which is where the GoFundMe campaign has begun to help more people out. The GoFundMe donations that we have raised don’t go very far.

We still have two electrical crews and one civil crew working through last week completing flood rectification work, with the Backhoe, bobcat and a tipper cleaning up.

If you are able to, please donate to the GoFundMe campaign to help more people out. Any excess funds received that are not utilised for electrical rectification will be donated to other flood relief donations. We were working around the clock all of last week and have brought in other electricians to help us with this mammoth task, to try and make these families lives just a little bit easier during this devastating time.

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