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SAE Group is a local company that specialises in solar power, energy efficiency, air conditioning and overhead and underground electrical reticulation. We are committed to supplying the highest quality products, at the lowest possible cost and then to continue to provide a quality maintenance service to our customers.

As a local business we are keen to support other businesses and wish to advise you of the current policy being adopted by the federal government and how it may adversely affect you.

The Federal government has ordered a review of the current Renewable Energy Target (RET) which was due to present its findings on July 31st, but has been further delayed to 14th August (we expect to have until the end of the month). This review is expected to reduce the current rebates of around 40% still available on the installation of a solar system therefore increasing the cost of solar power by thousands of dollars. For details on individually sized systems please see sheet below.

It is important that you are made aware that:

  1. The Rebates are still available
  2. The rebates are under threat
  3. Acting now could save you $$$$$ in installation costs
  4. Acting now will help you reduce your power bill sooner rather than later
  5. Commercial business and solar production work hand in hand and deliver bigger benefits than in a residential applications
  6. Typical commercial systems range from 10 – 99kW and are a tax deductable investment

We are here to help you understand the complexities of solar power and cannot stress highly enough that acting now can mean the difference in thousands of dollars in savings and costs to your company.

Solar Rebate Might End
Solar Rebate Savings

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