Channel 7 Flys Our Gorilla and his Son Down to Sydney for the City to Surf Fun Run

Woodburn resident and SAE Group Senior Energy Efficiency Consultant Paul Stanley-Jones and his son Harry will be competing in the City to Surf Fun Run dressed as Gorillas. 2014 mark’s Paul’s 29th year competing as gorilla which, by anyone’s standards this is no mean feat.

Paul’s journey began way back when aged 12 he began running with his mum and dad. Then at the age of 16 he let his inner gorilla out and hasn’tSAE Gorillaz looked back since. The City to Surf Fun Race is a Stanley-Jones family affair, both his son’s also take part in the event as do Paul’s brothers and their respective families.

Channel 7 has recognized this incredible record and commitment to the race and will be flying them down to Sydney at their expense. You will see Paul on Channel 7 Sunrise on Sunday as well as being interviewed live at the start of the race. Paul says “I’m looking forward to meeting RedFoo to prove gorillas can dance.” Paul also states that there’s no truth to the rumor that Damon Alban from the Brit pop band Blur got the inspiration to name his band Gorillaz after seeing Paul and family run in the City to Surf Fun Run.

This year however is a poignant one as Paul’s father recently passed away and the gorillas are dedicating the run to him. So if you’re watching the race on TV or supporting it as a spectator, look out for “Gorillas in the Midst”!

SAE Gorillaz SAE Gorillaz SAE Gorillaz SAE Gorillaz SAE Gorillaz

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