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How Business Lighting Solutions Can Help Your Business

When it comes to business lighting, there are a number of factors you should consider;

Led Lighting provides an energy efficient business lighting solution  The role of ambiance in your business – what Light colour will benefit the atmosphere?

Led Lighting provides an energy efficient business lighting solution  The practical function and maintenance required for lighting specific areas

Led Lighting provides an energy efficient business lighting solution  The real savings that can be gained through incorporating energy efficient lighting

These three factors will have a significant impact on your business lighting choices.  This article will give some insight into the benefits of reviewing your current/future lighting plan.  At the end of the article is the opportunity to arrange a FREE Lighting Assessment for your business, along with a link to our Business Lighting Case Studies

Why ‘Colour’ Should be a Consideration for Business Lighting Solutions

The impact of lighting ‘colour’ or ‘temperature’ can have a noticeable impact on how customers or clients perceive the business and atmosphere.  The amount of lighting in each area will also strongly impact on this.

The colour of temperature of lighting refers to Kelvin, a unit used in the Business lighting colour or temperaturesmeasuring of a light source.  It can be broken down into three main categories of white, Warm, Neutral and Cool.

Warm white light is most often found in the family home.  It creates a warm impression.  Many display homes use this warm white coloured lighting.

Neutral white is very common in business lighting, particularly within offices and commercial venues.  It provides a bright and professional atmosphere.  This is beneficial for writing and reading activities, and increasing alertness and productivity.

Finally, there is the cool white that gives off a bluish-white colour.  This type of business lighting is most commonly used to highlight products and displays.  This is because this particular ‘colour’ highlights and draws the human eye.

The Importance of Function and Maintenance with Business Lighting

When it comes to planning your business lighting, there are a number of practical considerations to keep in mind. Mainly to ensure there is suitable lighting for each area.  Lighting that is too sparse will create areas that are dull and gloomy.  An overkill of lighting will be too bright and detract from the ambiance.

With business lighting, you need to consider the end result you are after.  Then you can determine the type and style of light along with light placement.  During this process it is important to take into consideration the purpose of the lighting, and the maintenance required.  A chandelier may be a great idea, but having to hire a scissor lift each time you need to replace a bulb is not practical.

Once you have a business lighting concept in mind, stop and take the time to be objective in regards to cleaning, bulb replacement and possible maintenance work that will be required in the future.

Combining the Benefits of Ambient Business Lighting with Energy Efficient Results

When it comes to business lighting, particularly if you have a store front, there is a real importance placed on creating the right atmosphere for your customers.  Often this is approached with the mindset that style and efficiency are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  However, the new LED Business Lighting solutions give you the best of both worlds.

Stylish Business Lighting combined with Energy EfficiencyResearch shows that the old incandescent bulbs cost about $1.50, ran at 60 watts and had a lifespan of about 1,500 hours.  The running cost of this bulb was about $0.02 per kilowatt (kWh).

Then came the Compact Fluoresent Lights, which were about $3.00, used only 14 watts and have a lifespan of approx 10,000 hours.  The CFL bulb cost about $0.004 per kWh.

Now there is the LED Light, which comes in with a RRP around $30.00, operates on 6 watts, and its lifespan is 50,000 hours.  To run the LED bulb, you are looking at $0.002 per kWh.

Based on the average operating hours of a business, over the course of a two year period, comparing the total lighting costs of each bulb type, the results speak for themselves.  The incandescent bulb is going to cost around $950.00, the CFL will cost some $225, and the LED light will cost a mere $90.

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