Book Your Installation Date Now to Secure the Higher STC Incentive

If you’re considering solar, the time to act is now. Under the federal government’s Renewable Energy Target scheme, the incentive is set to decrease by approximately $300, based on a 6.6 kW system on December 31st.

That’s a serious saving not to be sneezed at!



To secure the current STC incentive, it’s important to know your solar system must be installed and operational before December 31st, taking into account that solar just doesn’t happen overnight. Once we’ve sized a system that is right for you, and you’ve signed your contract, its then over to the supply authority to apply for a grid connect, before installation can commence, so don’t delay. ACT NOW and save yourself some serious money before the December 31st deadline.


The STC rebate delivers real upfront savings to Aussies moving towards renewable energy and is not to be confused with the feed it tariffs determined by your electricity retailer (that’s a story for another day). So just what is an STC and why do you need them right now?


Understanding the federal STC financial incentive

The federal government currently offers a financial incentive designed to encourage Australian homes, businesses and community groups to take up solar in a bid to meet our renewable energy target by 2030. This incentive comes in the form of an STC (small scale technology certificate) which is an upfront saving applied directly to the solar system at the time of installation.  As the end user, you do not need to pay upfront or claim any money back, you are not out of pocket.


The current STC calculation will reduce again at the end of the year and will do so each year until it is phased out in 2030, so if you’ve been considering solar, now is the time to maximise your upfront savings.


Limited installations available

SAE Group are working hard to install as many customers as possible before the December 31st deadline. With such high demand we have just 50 installation opportunities available between now and the deadline for installation. Secure yours today.


SAE Group are a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, who are committed to raising the bar in the solar industry. The team at SAE Group are Master Electricians first and foremost, so you can also rest easy knowing you’re dealing with highly experienced, qualified staff. From consultation, to quality installation, and after sales service, we are with you the whole way, and offer a 12-year workmanship warranty with every installation.


We are genuinely passionate about the benefits of quality energy solutions designed to deliver you real savings. If you’re ready to take control of your energy future, and you’re looking for honest, trustworthy advice from your local energy contractor, call SAE Group today on 1300 18 20 50. To find out more visit


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