A Micro-whatter?

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A micro inverter! So just what is a micro inverter and why should you seriously consider this technology for your home or business if you’re making the switch to solar…

What is a micro inverter?

A micro inverter is a small device that in very simple terms attaches to each individual solar panel allowing each solar panel to operate independently of the other, effectively maximising solar energy generation, without a single point of failure. In a standard string installation, solar panels are linked together in series and the power output of the entire string is run back to a single inverter. With string inverter configurations, if some of the panels in the string are affected by shading for example, the entire string will drop to the performance level of the lowest performing panel in that string, which can drastically affect your output.

More power from your panels

Micro inverters can overcome all manner of factors that can generally affect optimum output of a string solar configuration.

  • Shading – Trees, buildings, poles, wires, antennas, or rooftop structures
  • Soiling – Dust, snow, bird droppings or birds
  • Panel mismatch – manufacturing tolerances
  • Temperature difference – thermal mismatch at different times of the day
  • Odd roof layouts – Panels mounted at different orientations and angles
  • Small roof – Roof area’s which can only fit a small number of panels

Because panels fitted with microinverters act independently of one another, only panels affected by the shading or soiling issues will experience a drop in output, ensuring all other panels are still operating at maximum capability.  Microinverters also deliver flexibility for panel orientations on tight roof spaces that may not allow for a string panel configuration.

Safe as houses

Another key feature to the microinverter technology is safety. There are many advantages to using micro inverters and as is obvious to us inverter nerds; Enphase is considered the best Micro Inverter supplier on the market.  The Enphase microinverter is an all AC system, with power being converted from DC to AC on the roof. Enphase microinverters are designed to never exceed 60 volts of DC power, so there is no high voltage power travelling through your system, significantly reducing the potential for arcing or other hazards.

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