‘100 Go Solar’ A Great New Solar Energy Campaign

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100 Go Solar Has Recently Launched

This campaign has been primarily designed to encourage businesses to install solar energy.  ‘100 Go Solar’ is the brighter business challenge.  It encourages businesses to consider the benefits of solar energy, including;

  • Solar energy is being produced during business hours
  • It greatly reduces a primary expense, in turn saving you money
  • The government’s $20K Tax Write-Off Incentive can be applied (along with other government rebates) to solar energy systems

Starting in the Byron Bay region, 100 Go Solar connects with the local business community to assist in finding out more about how they can benefit from solar business.  Local solar installers, like us here at SAE Group can take this a step further by helping business owners calculate what size solar energy system is best suited and which products are going to be right for the budget.

Solar Energy Creates Big Savings for Aussie Businesses

Business really can be the big winner with solar energy, especially when you take into account the current rebates and tariffs that are available.  This is an even greater result with the tax incentive on offer.  In fact, the real proof can be found by looking at the results achieved by those businesses that have already installed solar energy.  Just offer 15,000 businesses have an annual combined saving of $64 million – read more about this here.

SAE Group applauds ‘100 Go Solar’ and is keen to see their goal of 100 local businesses in the Byron Bay region taking up the challenge to get solar energy installed.  If you are a business owner and would like to find out more about solar energy, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.  We will gladly work with you on calculating the most beneficial sized system for you, based on a number of factors including your current energy consumption, the way power is used and your roof space.  To find out a little more regarding solar energy for business, please click here.

In addition to this, check out some of our Case Studies

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