Do you have a Sharp JH1600E Solar Inverter ‘F-01 Fault Code’ Issue?

If a Sharp JH1600E Solar Inverter has a fault, a code would usually be displayed on its screen to indicate that there’s something wrong. One of the common issues with this inverter is a Sharp JH1600E Solar Inverter F-01 Fault Code. Let’s have a look at what you can do about this.

When you see the F-01 fault code it means that the utility is under voltage or that the power from the street (grid) is too low or none at all. In this case, you’re not getting any benefit from your solar power system so something should be done ASAP.

What can you do about a Sharp JH1600E Solar Inverter F-01 Fault Code issue?

With this issue, you should check first if the plugs are connected properly and the switches are turned on such as the:

  • Inverter AC Isolator beside the inverter (if applicable)
  • Solar Supply Main Switch on the switchboard

If you’ve checked the above and you have power from the street; i.e. there’s isn’t a blackout and you’re getting 240 V at the inverter it sounds like you may have an internal fault with the inverter. If the problem is an internal fault causing the F01 message and your Sharp JH1600E was installed in the last 5 years a warranty claim can be made on the inverter. To make a warranty claim you will need to provide proof of purchase in the form of a tax invoice or Certificate of Compliance from when it was originally installed along with the model and serial numbers found on the side of the inverter.

If your inverter was installed more than 5 years ago then it is already outside the warranty period. As this may cost as much as $500 to have it repaired and still leave you without any warranty it is recommended to get a brand new quality inverter with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

If you need further assistance with your Sharp JH1600E Solar Inverter F-01 Fault Code please contact us through the button below and we’ll assist you further.

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