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PowerOasis 50kva


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RedEarth’s PowerOasis 50kVA Home Battery System is a robust and scalable energy storage solution, perfect for large-scale applications. The PowerOasis system combines significant power output with extensive energy storage capabilities, ensuring optimal energy management for both residential and commercial needs.

Power Output: Delivers a maximum AC output power of 50kVA.

Battery Capacity: Configurable with 99kWh to 2500kWh, scalable with additional enclosures.

Integration: Seamlessly integrates with solar panels and the grid, offering smart load management and generator support.

Durability: Constructed with a robust enclosure, designed to withstand harsh environments.

Versatility: Suitable for both on-grid and off-grid applications, with support for EV charging and energy trading.

The PowerOasis 50kVA system is pre-wired for easy installation and can be retrofitted to existing solar systems, making it a convenient choice for future-proofing your energy needs.

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  • Power Output: Max. AC output power of 50kVA.
  • Battery Options:
    • Minimum configuration: 99kWh.
    • 1 battery enclosure: 250kWh.
    • 2 battery enclosures: 500kWh.
    • 3 battery enclosures: 750kWh.
    • 4 battery enclosures: 1000kWh.
    • 5 battery enclosures: 1250kWh.
    • 6 battery enclosures: 1500kWh.
    • 7 battery enclosures: 1750kWh.
    • 8 battery enclosures: 2000kWh.
    • 9 battery enclosures: 2250kWh.
    • 10 battery enclosures: 2500kWh.
  • Solar Input: Connect up to 50kW of solar panels to the integrated MPPT.
  • Dimensions: System: 3500W x 1680D x 2500H (mm); Each additional enclosure: 1580W x 1680D x 2500H (mm).
  • Weight:
    • Minimum configuration: 4033kg.
    • Each additional enclosure: 2310kg.
  • Battery Voltage: 250-520VDC nominal.
  • Electrical Connection:
    • Supports multiple connection types including grid, generator, and load ports.
    • Comprehensive network protection and engineering services included.
  • Monitoring:
    • Monitoring hardware included, accessible via RedEarth’s EMU app.
  • Energy Trading: Enabled for on-grid applications.
  • EV Charging: Supports up to 25kW DC fast charging.
  • Warranty:
    • 10 Year RedEarth Warranty for the system and components.


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