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Dingo 200kW Inverter (excl. engineering and network protection)


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Introducing the Dingo 200kW Inverter (excluding engineering and network protection) – a top-tier solution for industrial and commercial energy needs. The Dingo 200kW Inverter offers robust and scalable energy solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing power systems, ensuring reliability and efficiency. Key features include:

High Power Output: Delivers a maximum AC output power of 200kW, making it ideal for large-scale energy requirements.

Scalable Battery Capacity: Compatible with multiple battery cabinets, supporting configurations from 240kWh to 1440kWh.

Flexible Energy Management: Integrates with various power sources including solar, grid, and generators, ensuring continuous power supply.

Smart Monitoring: Includes advanced monitoring and control through RedEarth’s EMU app, providing real-time system status and performance metrics.

Efficient Load Management: Features intelligent load management capabilities to optimise energy usage.

Reliable Backup: Supports generator start-up during grid outages, maintaining power continuity.

This inverter is designed for users who prioritise efficiency and scalability in their energy systems. For those needing engineering and network protection included, please refer to our alternative product page.

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  • Power Output: Max. AC output power of 200kW.
  • Battery Options:
    • Configurations available from 240kWh to 1440kWh with multiple battery cabinets.
  • Solar Input: Supports direct connection of solar panels to the integrated MPPT controllers, optimising solar energy usage.
  • Electrical Connections:
    • Includes PV cables connected directly to pre-installed MC4s.
    • LOAD, GRID, and SMART PORT (Gen) connections directly to the inverter.
  • Monitoring:
    • Advanced monitoring hardware included, activated via RedEarth’s EMU app (subject to network availability and Optimum subscription).
  • Energy Trading: On-grid systems only.
  • EV Charging: Capable of supporting up to 25kW DC fast charging.
  • Warranty:
    • 10-Year RedEarth Warranty for the system.


  • Versatile Power Hub: The Dingo 200kW seamlessly integrates grid, generator, and load ports achieving a truly unique level of flexibility.
  • Dynamic AC-Coupled Solution: The Dingo 200kW partners effortlessly with micro-inverters and standard string PV inverters. It allows you to connect extensive PV panels to your system.
  • Reliable Backup with Generator Support: No grid, no worries – in the face of grid outages, the Dingo 200kW can start up your backup generator to power loads and charge the battery.
  • Smart Load Management: No generator or AC-coupled solar? The generator port can be easily converted to a smart load port, providing intelligent load management, and ensuring your solar and battery is consumed as efficiently as possible.
  • Private Power Plant Ready: The Dingo 200kW keeps your power in your hands with native support for RedEarth’s Private Power Plant, including energy trading and peer-to-peer power sharing.

For those requiring additional engineering and network protection, please refer to our Dingo 200kW Inverter with Engineering and Network Protection page.


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