Clenergy SPH Solar Inverter Blank Screen

We’ve seen a number of blank screen instances with the Clenergy SPH solar inverter where the screen is just blank – there’s no lights on and nothing is showing on the display. If the screen and lights on your inverter are all blank there are a number of possible causes as follows, it could be a problem with the:

  • Solar Panels
  • DC wiring on the roof
  • DC wiring between the roof and the inverter
  • DC isolator on the roof
  • DC isolator at the inverter
  • DC plugs underneath the inverter
  • Solar Inverter

As you probably start to realise from looking at this list this is a fault that is most likely going to require the assistance of an accredited solar electrician such as Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions but before running to the phone or shooting us an email check the following:

  • Solar DC isolator beside the inverter is turned ON
  • DC plugs underneath the inverter are connected firmly and are in good condition

If you’ve checked the solar DC isolator is definitely ON and still the inverter display is blank you are going to need professional help.

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