Thresher Test – What is It and Why is It an Important Consideration

The Thresher Test is designed to put solar panels through their paces, providing detailed information on the long-term safety and power output performance of PV modules.

The thresher test exceeds the standard IEC61730 and IEC61215 test certification (more info on this test below) by two to four times the accelerated test durations and helps identify those modules with truly differentiated long-term reliability and performance.

Thresher Test certification is independently test by TÜV SUD a company with close to 150 years experience, with more than 20,000 employees across 800 locations and is considered one of the world’s leading technical service organisations.

TÜV SUD Thresher Test vigorously simulates environmental stresses on PV modules in order to provide more information on panel degradation Power drop, leakage current and visual observations are important factors in the final result.

The Thresher Test was developed to establish a test that measured long-term performance beyond the requirements of the minimum standards. It was initiated in February 2012 and for the first time allows customers to be able to compare apples with apples.

SAE Group carry one of the few panels available in Australia that have passed the TUV SUD Thresher Test.


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* IEC 61215, this standard represents a quality characteristic with regard to the module’s mechanical stability and compliance with electrical parameters. The standard IEC 61730 tells us that the PV module will meet the requirements for electrical and mechanical operating safety during its entire expected service life.

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