Stay Storm Safe

Rainbox Eucalyptus Trees in a Forest

With the anticipation of storm season hitting, it’s a timely reminder to put in place some safety measures at home.

By following a few simple steps before, during, and after a storm, you can minimise unnecessary damage and the risk of power interruptions caused by extreme weather events.

Register for emergency alerts

These days it’s as simple as following your local SES on Facey for immediate updates, but if your power goes down or the internet drops be sure to have a good old trusty radio handy so you can keep on top of weather updates, and if things are looking sketchy, register with your local SES – these guys are the bomb.

Trim your trees

If your home is blessed with beautiful trees shading your home, its time you looked up and checked if they’re in need of a trim. Have any trees that are close to powerlines or your solar system trimmed by a professional contractor to avoid unnecessary damage.

Clean up any loose material

Straight from the mouth of every mum, everywhere ‘Clean your room!’ except this time it’s your outside play space. Make sure your yard is clear of any unsecured objects such as outdoor furniture, gardening equipment, pot plants, bikes, gas bottles, boats etc.

Clean your gutters

Make sure your gutters and down pipes are clear of any leaves and refuse to avoid any unnecessary flooding.

Prepare an emergency kit

If you’re into dooms day prepping, you will love this! In all seriousness though, its always important to ensure you have a kit with essential items in case you lose power or need to leave home in a hurry. Always make sure you have a stash of batteries, a torch, matches, essential medications, important documents and emergency plans in a water proof container. Be sure to include your local hero’s numbers as well, make sure you have the police, your electricity distributor, and your local SES contact numbers on speed dial.

Stay safe peeps.

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