What It Means to Oversize Your Solar Inverter

Soalr panels and the sun

Oversizing your solar inverter & what it means

It seems obvious; you purchase a 6.6kW solar system, you’d expect to have a 6.6kW inverter installed… right?! Wrong! This seems to be a topic that can cause some confusion, and for obvious reasons, so we thought we’d break it down into real speak…

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Say you purchase a 6.6kW solar system – the most common sized system installed to power a 4 bedroom family home, you will most likely end up with 6.6kW of solar panels installed on your roof (possibly 20 x 330w panels) and a 5kW inverter.

To ensure maximum system efficiency, it’s important that your system is generating as much energy as possible at any given time. Now, because it’s incredibly unlikely that all variables will perfectly align at any one time (for instance; the sun shining at the perfect degree for every single one of your panels), it’s incredibly unlikely that you will be sending 6.6kW of energy to your 5kW inverter to convert into AC power. However, you CAN! Inverters can be oversized by 133%, which means that a 5kW inverter can handle the 6.6kW load coming from your panels ((5kW x 133% = 6.6kW) – provided that every single panel is producing optimally!

This oversizing rule applies to systems of other sizes too. If you would like further information about this or would like to speak to someone directly, please fill in the form below and someone will be in touch!

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