SAE Group is Now an Origin Energy Preferred Partner

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SAE Group is now a proud preferred partner of Origin Energy, one of Australia’s leading electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, and LPG providers. We now carry the Preferred Partner badge that symbolises quality, trust and exceptional service.

What Does the Origin Energy Preferred Partner Badge Mean?

The badge is not just a simple visual element used on websites, platforms and traditional marketing materials. It distinguishes companies that maintain and uphold a high level of excellence compared to other brands when it comes to advanced sustainable energy solutions.

How Did SAE Group Earn This Badge?

Earning the badge involves a stringent evaluation process. SAE Group had to comply with the following key criteria and possess all the following:

  • CEC accreditation with NETCC (SAA accreditation preferred)
  • Relevant Trade, Contract and Builders licences
  • Product warranty processes and Workmanship guarantees
  • HSE policies, including insurance and in-practice procedures
  • Customer support and complaints handling systems

Why This Matters to Customers

Origin Energy’s badge is more than just a logo found on SAE Group’s website. It’s a testament to our dedication to providing only the best products and services to our clients. Here’s what customers can expect from a brand that carries this badge.

1. Origin Energy performs evaluations before a company can be registered as a preferred partner, which means clients will be working with an organisation that’s highly recommended by a reputable provider.

2. Preferred partners are required to have all the necessary accreditations, licences, warranties and guarantees in place to give customers peace of mind when it comes to the products and services they need. This means zero chance of low-quality or non-compliant installations.

3. Partners are only accepted if they have established insurance, in-practice procedures and customer support and complaints handling systems so when working with one, clients know they can expect exceptional customer service and prompt responses to their concerns.

The Origin Preferred Partner Badge is a testament to SAE Group’s dedication to top-tier energy solutions. It signifies our never-ending pursuit of excellence in the renewable energy industry. As we celebrate this milestone, we encourage potential and existing clients to check out our sustainable offerings with more confidence than ever before.

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