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It is no secret that more and more Australian households are making the switch to a solar powered lifestyle every year – in fact, last year saw an 18% increase on small-scale solar installations than the previous year. And it makes perfectly good sense too; STC’s are still sitting pretty and solar is sure to significantly decrease those ever-increasing electricity bills.

If solar is relatively new to you – you may be wondering what STC’s (small-scale technology certificates) are and why they even matter to you. In simple terms, STC’s are more commonly marketed as ‘government solar incentive.’ This means that businesses and households that make the switch to renewable energy receive STC’s relative to the size (kW) of the system installed, which ultimately lowers the overall cost of installing solar.

STC’s were introduced in 2011 and are scheduled to phase out by 2030, so the number of STC’s you receive per kW of solar installed decreases annually (the sooner you make the switch the better ?).

STC’s are just one of the financial benefits when it comes to solar. There’s the obvious bonus – solar will drastically reduce your electricity bills. Plenty of our customers have noted an 80% reduction comparatively with existing bills, which means, depending on the size of the system installed, your solar could pay for itself in as little as 2.5 years!

There is also the perk of feed-in-tariffs. When you are not self-consuming all the power generated by your system, excess power will be sent back to the grid. Your electricity provider will provide you with a feed-in-tariff for this, meaning, yes – more money in your back pocket.

If you’ve been pondering the idea of solar for some time or are just starting to consider whether solar is right for you – now is the time to act and take advantage of higher STC rates.

Get in touch with us today and we can discuss the best options for your home and answer any questions you may have.


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