The Hidden Costs of Cheap Solar Systems

You get what you pay for is a lesson we’ve all come to learn at one point or another. So why do we still get fooled into “too good to be true” deals and what is the true cost to the consumer and the solar industry.

It is always essential to read between the lines and be well researched before making any large purchase. This is specially true in the solar industry with many companies offering seemingly amazing deals online. How do these companies achieve their rock bottom prices and maintain such razor thin margins?

SAE Group have the answers you need to read;

1. Bait & Switch
Advertising genuine Tier 1 (premium) panels and a top end inverter to entice, then use terms like ‘equivalents’ in the contract. Meaning they’ll install a really cheap inverter and panels instead.

2. Bait & Switch 2.0
They’ll fail to mention the brand in their ads, just a really low price. When a potential customer makes an enquiry, they upsell them to better hardware, resulting in the customer paying much, much more than the advertised price.

3. Corners cut on installs
They’ll employ untrained, unqualified, poorly paid workers. This is a recipe for really poor installations. Most solar systems operate at high voltage DC. If not installed correctly, it could be very dangerous. (and probably illegal).

4, Use poor quality panels
Some companies will claim their panels are Tier 1, when they are not. Cheap panels do not last long in the Aussie sun. Good panels should last 30 years plus.

5. Use poor quality inverters.
Like companies using poor quality panels, some businesses will cut corners by using really cheap inverters which will unlikely only last 3 years. Inverters can be easy to replace under warranty, but some manufacturers will blame the failure on ‘grid spikes’ (common in Australia) and you’ll be left uncovered with a $1500+ cost of replacement.

6. Solar company pressuring salespeople to make quotas no matter the cost to them or you.
Salesperson constantly under threat of being fired are more likely to oversell the benefits, exaggerate the quality and push you into a system you may not need.

7. Poor After Sales Customer Support
To limit costs, many solar companies do not have offices in your area or state. Also, their installers are likely subcontractors and not easily contacted after install.


With SAE Group you can be sure you’ll be offered the best advice, competitive pricing, quality installs which best meet your needs, and first class ongoing support…. Contact us today and one of our experienced team will be happy to answer any solar questions you may have!

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