Act Now, Beat the EOY STC Price Drop

The Australian government are still providing generous solar rebates that could potentially save you thousands of dollars off your purchase price. Under the Renewable Energy Target Scheme, the solar rebate is set to decrease on December 31st. Based on a 6.6kW system, that’s a difference of approximately $300. That’s a serious saving not to be sneezed at.

To make the most of the rebate, and to secure the current STC price, you must have your solar system installed and operational before December 31st. Which would also give you the added benefit of enjoying solar savings by the time summer hits, and along with it the typical summer electricity bill hike.

What are STC’s and how can you benefit?

In a bid to encourage Australian homes and businesses to make the financially and environmentally sound switch to solar energy, the federal government currently offers an incentive in the form of an STC (small scale technology certificate) rebate. This STC is applied directly to the solar system at the time of installation, meaning your solar provider will organise and claim this for you on your behalf, making it even easier.

The rebate is set to decrease exponential every year until 2030. Solar experts recommend adding solar to your roof now before the STC drops, making the most of your solar investment in the long run. Instead of paying for those dreaded electricity bills, put your money towards a solar system where you can enjoy long term savings for years to come.

Lock it in with SAE Group





The time to act is now, with SAE Group offering a significant price drop on a quality 6.6kW solar bundle. Cut your electricity bills with 24 x 275W Seraphim panels with a 5kW X1 Solax inverter for ONLY $4,495. This really is an incredible price not to be missed. Lock it in before October 31st to ensure you make the most of the government rebate and this price crash special.

This 6.6kW system will generate an average 27kW of power each day, based on the Clean Energy Council’s recommendation of 4.2 sunlight hours. If you self-consumed 50% of that amount (which is a lot), based on today’s average electricity tariff of 28c/kW, you could stand to make a saving of $1380 annually. That would mean your system would pay for itself in under 4 years in electricity savings alone, whilst still exporting the remaining 50% back to the grid. That’s a solid investment.

SAE Group are a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar retailer, and a Master Electrician Member, committed to raising the bar in the solar industry. From consultation to installation, and after sales service, SAE Group are with you the whole way, and offer a 12-year workmanship warranty with every installation.

Lock in this offer today. Call SAE Group on 1300 18 20 50 or jump on their website to secure your energy future.

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