SolarKing Solar Inverter Fault and Error Messages

When your SolarKing Solar Inverter does not operate normally, you will observe that a fault will be shown up on its display screen and the red fault light will be lit at the same time.

We have put together the following list of faults and possible actions from SolarKing Inverter user’s manual. If there are any uncertainties in performing these measures it is advisable to seek assistance from a qualified electrician to avoid any risk of further damage or injury

DisplayPossible Actions
System Fault
Isolation Fault1. Check the impedance between PV (+) & PV (-) and earth ground.
The impedance must be larger than 8M .
2. If above action is useless, the isolation detection circuit fails, replace one unit.
Ground I Fault1. This is caused by too high ground current.
2. Unplug PV generator from the input, check AC peripheral system.
3. After the cause is cleared, plug PV input again. Check the status of the inverter.
4. If above actions are useless, the GFCI circuit fails, replace one unit.
Grid Fault1. Wait for 30 seconds, if the grid come back to normal, inverter will start again automatically.
2. Make sure grid voltage and frequency meet the specifications.
3. Use PCM solar control to adjust operation range.
4. If above actions are useless, replace one unit.
1. Grid impedance higher than the permissible value.
2.Wait for 30 seconds, see if it works again.
3.Check the wires between inverter and grid. Change larger wires if necessary.
4.Adjust impedance parameter by PCM solar control program.
5. If useless, the impedance circuit inside failure, please replace another one.
No Utility1. Grid is not connected; check the AC connection by multi-meter.
2. Check grid connection, such as wire and connector to the inverter.
3. Check breaker between inverter and grid; if it is tripped, DO NOT CLOSE again, replace another unit.
Inverter Failure
PV Over Voltage1. Check the PV open voltage, see if it is more than or too close to 500VDC.
2. If PV voltage is much less than 500VDC (e.g. <430V), measure the DCV by multi-meter, compare the readings on meter and LCD, if >5%, replace another unit.
Consistent Fault1. It is caused by the reading between main and redundant controllers are different.
2. Disconnect PV (+) or PV (-) from the input, start the unit again.
3. If this does not work, replace another one.
Device Fault1. Caused by improper operation of the circuit.
2. Disconnect PV (+) or PV (-) from the input, start the unit again.
3. If it does not work, replace another one.
Over Temperature1. The internal temperature is higher than specified normal value.
2. Reduce the ambient temperature by some other ways or move inverter to cooler place.
3. If it is not effective, the temperature sensors fails, replace another one.

Here are some error codes that you may see on the SolarKing Solar Inverter and its descriptions.

Error MessageDescription
No UtilityNo AC Line
PV Over VoltagePV Voltage is too high
DC Bus HighDc bus voltage is  too high
DC Bus LowDc bus voltage is  too low
Over TemperatureTemperature is too high
Grid FaultGrid Voltage or Grid Frequency is wrong
Device FaultHole sensor, GCFI Device
or AD Reference Voltage Fault
Isolation FaultPV Panel isolation problem
Impedance FaultGrid Impedance Fault
Ground I FaultOutput ground leakage current too high
Relay FailureOutputRelay Fail
DC INJ HighOutput DC injection too high
Ref 2.5V Fault2.5V reference voltage inside problem
DC Sensor FaultOutput DC sensor abnormal
GFCI FaultGFCI detection problem
Sci FaultCommunication between Master and Slave problem
Consistent FaultThe value of Master and Slave are not the same
EEPROM FaultEeprom problem
Grid V     MismatchThe Grid V of Master and Slave are mismatch
Grid F      MismatchThe Grid F of Master and Slave are mismatch
Grid Z      MismatchThe Grid Impedance of Master and Slave are mismatch
GCFI         MismatchThe GCFI value of Master and Slave are mismatch
DC Curr MismatchThe Output DC current of Master and Slave are mismatch

You may view the full information on SolarKing manual’s troubleshooting section. If following the steps above does not fix the issue and your SolarKing Solar Inverter is still within the warranty period you can contact the equipment installer or supplier. If your SolarKing Solar Inverter is outside the warranty period we suggest that you contact a professional solar power expert.

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