Imagine you have the opportunity to take your energy future into your own hands

The Australian renewable energy market has come of age. SAE Group are incredibly proud to bring you the best in battery technology, enter SonnenBatterie. Delivering superior performance, energy security, and economic freedom for you and your home today, and tomorrow.

Energy your way


Imagine storing surplus energy generated by your PV system to power your home when you need it.

The SonnenBatterie is a multi stage storage system that adapts to all manner of energy requirements and seamlessly fits to your existing PV solar system. Capable of storing anything from 2Kwh to 16Kwh, the SonnenBatterie  allows you the flexibility to grow your storage  capabilities as you need it.

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Queensland Sonnen Solar Battery Storage

Freedom of choice

An intelligent storage solution, the SonnenBatterie delivers real smarts when it comes to managing your personal needs.

Break free from electricity price hikes and harness the power of clean, affordable energy.

Quality Assured

The SonnenBatterie is a complete, integrated system – ready for connection.

Inside every SonneBatterie you’ll find not only the durable battery modules, but also an intelligent management system that allows you to monitor, analysis and control  your energy consumption and production from anywhere, anytime.

Perfectly attuned, the SonnenBatterie is designed with maximum longevity, and efficiency in mind.

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Knowledge is power

Have the power to monitor, analyse, and control your energy consumption from anywhere, anytime with SonnenApp.

SonnenApp can be downloaded to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Peace of mind. Day & night

SonnenBatterie provides you with the freedom to enjoy the benefits of your solar energy production long after the sun goes down.

The integrated smart energy management system gives you the ability to manage your energy production throughout the day, and detect when your generating excess energy that can be stored to be used to power your home in the evening.


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Quality assured

 German engineered, the SonnenBatterie is a lithium based storage system that fulfils the highest standard in safety and quality. 

Expert Advice

We are electrical contractors first and foremost ( and energy warriors in our spare time). We deliver honest, tailored, expert advice to suit your needs, not a sales pitch.

Peace of mind

The SonnenBatterie comes with a 10 year or 10,000cycles warranty, accompanied by our installation guarantee, so all elements of your energy solution are covered.

Keep an eye on your energy supply

Manage and control your energy production and consumption from anywhere, anytime with SonnenApp.


Rest easy knowing there is not a no-go zone in your home , this sleek design is also safe to touch. 

Weather Proof

SonnenFlat is water resistant, can be installed indoors or outdoors, and operates between –20 C to 50 C.


Energy autonomy is here

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What is SonnenFlat?

sonnenFlat is an energy tariff for sonnenBatterie owners, that is revolutionising the way we think about energy.

Break up with your electricity retailer and join a renewable energy community that offers a free exchange of renewable energy for one low monthly fee. Each month you receive a guaranteed amount of energy for a low monthly fee and in return, some of the energy stored in your sonnenBatterie will be used to assist in the stabilisation of your peer to peer electricity grid.
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Pay $0 for your energy needs

sonnenFlat offers a tiered monthly flat fee to suit your energy needs.

As a certified platinum sonnen retailer, SAE Group customers pay $0 for the electricity for the first two years.

Thats, right, we will waive the flat monthly fee for the first two years with your sonnenBatterie installation.

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