Redback Technologies

Power your home for less
Take control of your energy costs with the Redback Hybrid Smart Hybrid System.

Redback’s Australian engineers focussed on developing a battery storage system from the ground up that combines the inverter, batteries, and software into an easy to use all in one system.

Using the power of Microsoft, we’ve developed software that intelligently manages your energy to maximise your savings every day. Redback has built in the ability to switch on high energy consuming appliances during the day, reducing the amount of energy you send to the grid.

House at night

Stay in control

The Redback portal and app is simple yet powerful allowing you to easily monitor your system generation, storage levels and more

Australian Made

The modern and sleek, all-in-one solution is Australian designed. Constructed from lightweight, high quality materials suitable for outdoor installation.


Redback’s management has over a century of experience in renewable energy generation, engineering, manufacturing, software development, and energy market regulation.


Redback’s engineers have developed a range of products with advanced features, and high-quality materials and they are proud to be one of the most affordable options on the market.


You’ll be supported by Australian owned Redback and our approved partner connect network. With a Brisbane based Customer Service team, local support is just a call away.

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