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Unlock sustainable solutions with SAE Group’s commercial solar installation services. Our expertise spans a vast range of projects, offering versatility that caters to any commercial need. Whether your enterprise is large or small, our seasoned team ensures precise installations tailored specifically for commercial spaces. Dive deeper into our page to understand how our passion aligns with providing you with an energy solution that's a perfect fit for your business. Experience the blend of innovation and dedication we bring to every commercial solar installation.

Choosing Expert Commercial Solar Installers: A Business-wise Decision

Entrusting your commercial solar installation to true experts is vital. Specialised spaces require specialised knowledge. With commercial spaces varying greatly in design and function, partnering with adept commercial solar installers ensures that every solar panel is optimally positioned for maximum efficiency. At SAE, our team possesses the precision and expertise derived from years of commercial installations. Opting for seasoned professionals like us guarantees not just an impeccable installation but also long-term performance and reduced maintenance costs. Let your business reap the full benefits of solar energy with a team that understands commercial demands inside and out. Trust in SAE’s expertise.

Innovations in Commercial Solar: Why Expertise Matters

Staying abreast of the latest trends is paramount in the realm of commercial solar installations. Current innovations, from high-efficiency panels to smart energy management systems, are transforming the landscape of commercial energy solutions. Now more than ever, choosing the right commercial solar system installers is crucial.

At SAE, our professionals aren’t just skilled in precise installations tailored for commercial settings; they’re also passionate learners, continuously updating their knowledge to encompass the newest industry breakthroughs. This commitment ensures that our clients receive not only a state-of-the-art solar system but also an installation that leverages the latest techniques and technologies for maximum performance.

When you partner with SAE, you’re investing in an installation that’s both cutting-edge and time-tested, ensuring longevity and optimal energy savings for your commercial space. Dive into the future of energy with experts who understand the nuances of innovation.

Upgrade your business with a commercial solar installation

Solar energy has emerged as a game-changer for businesses, enabling them to remain productive and competitive amidst operational issues stemming from power disruptions and environmental challenges. Moreover, commercial solar systems have become more reliable, efficient, and affordable than ever before thanks to recent technological advancements.

Investments in renewable electricity generation are skyrocketing globally, meeting the world’s growing energy needs while delivering substantial environmental, social, and economic advantages. When it comes to the financial and environmental bottom line, investing in solar is a resounding win-win.

However, large commercial solar installations can pose unique challenges that not all solar system companies can handle. That’s where SAE Group shines.

As industry leaders in commercial solar installation, we possess cutting-edge technology and a proficient team of highly experienced solar technicians. Through partnerships with renowned solar brands, we provide ample resources at your disposal, whether you require small to medium or large-scale installations.

SAE Group is committed to empowering businesses with sustainable energy solutions. By choosing us as your trusted partner, you gain access to unrivaled expertise and a proven track record in commercial solar installations.

Take the first step toward a brighter, greener future for your business. Contact our experts today to explore how SAE Group can tailor a comprehensive commercial solar solution to meet your specific needs.

How a customised commercial solar system benefits your business

Businesses of all sizes are seeking innovative ways to reduce overhead costs, particularly when it comes to electricity expenses. As such, investing in a robust, cost-effective, and customisable commercial solar installation is increasingly becoming an attractive solution. With various types of commercial solar installations available, the flexibility of these solutions ensures they can adapt to varying energy demands.

Commercial systems we install:

  • On-roof systems: Our professional installations enable businesses to harness solar energy by utilising rooftops, maximising available space and optimising energy generation. On-roof systems offer a cost-effective solution for businesses with limited ground space.
  • Ground-mount arrays: We design and install ground-mounted solar arrays, making efficient use of open areas surrounding your premises. These systems are ideal for businesses with ample land available and provide flexibility for future expansion.
  • Off-grid solutions: Our off-grid commercial solar systems provide energy independence, allowing businesses in remote locations or with unreliable grid connections to operate autonomously. These solutions combine solar panels with battery storage, ensuring a reliable power supply even in the absence of grid connectivity.
  • Solar farms: SAE Group specialises in the design and implementation of large-scale solar farms. These expansive installations generate substantial renewable energy, contributing to the transition to a greener future and offering opportunities for commercial power purchase agreements.

Invest in a scalable commercial solar system today to lower costs, enhance your brand image, and achieve outstanding returns on investment. Contact our experts to explore how we can tailor a solution using rooftop systems or ground-mounted arrays, transforming your business’s energy landscape.

Revolutionising large-scale businesses with industrial solar power systems

Industrial solar power systems are transforming large-scale energy production, offering businesses in industrial settings a sustainable and cost-effective solution. At SAE Group, we specialise in designing and implementing customised industrial solar power systems to meet your business’s specific requirements, maximising performance and efficiency.

Increase your cost savings:

Industrial businesses can significantly reduce electricity costs by harnessing solar energy, providing long-term financial savings and protection against fluctuating utility rates.

Reduce your carbon footprint:

Switching to solar energy in industrial settings helps to significantly lower carbon emissions, demonstrating environmental responsibility and meeting sustainability goals.

Enhance energy independence:

Industrial solar power systems increase energy independence by generating power on-site, reducing reliance on the grid and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Get customised solutions:

SAE Group provides tailored industrial solar power systems to help address the specific needs of each facility. From consultation to installation and maintenance, our large-scale solar solutions optimise your energy production and maximise ROI.

Power your industrial business with clean and efficient energy solutions. Contact SAE Group today to discover how our customised industrial solar power systems can revolutionise your energy strategy, leading to a greener and more prosperous future.

Trusted commercial solar system installers for seamless solutions

SAE Group is your trusted team of commercial solar system installers, renowned for delivering high-quality installations tailored to your business needs. With extensive expertise and industry affiliations, we ensure exceptional solutions that adhere to industry best practices.

Qualifications and expertise:

Australian-Owned and Operated:

SAE Group is an Australian company with comprehensive capabilities in large-scale design, installation, and commissioning of solar energy generation and storage systems. We specialise in various commercial solar installations, including on-roof, ground mount, off-grid, infrastructure, and solar farms.

Level One Electrical Capabilities:

Our expertise extends to level one electrical capabilities, encompassing underground and overhead electrical reticulation, substations, street lighting, high voltage cable jointing, installations, transformers, and traffic signals. This allows us to seamlessly integrate renewable energy into your business operations.

Accreditation and certifications:

Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer:

SAE Group is recognised as an Approved Solar Retailer by the Clean Energy Council, reflecting our commitment to quality and ethical practices.

Gold Master Electricians:

Our team consists of Gold Master Electricians, showcasing their exceptional skills in electrical installations.

ISO Certifications for Safety and Quality Management:

We have achieved ISO certifications from CERTIFi International for safety management and quality management, ensuring the highest standards in our installations.

Choose SAE Group as your trusted commercial solar system installer. Our qualified professionals have a proven track record of delivering reliable and efficient installations. Contact us today to discuss your commercial solar requirements and experience the advantage of working with industry-leading experts.

Experience seamless commercial solar installation

SAE Group ensures a seamless journey towards powering your business with clean and sustainable energy. Here’s how we do it:

Icons showing the detailed solar installation process

Onsite assessment

Our solar consultants visit your commercial property, assessing your needs and offering expert advice on which system design and components are suitable for your business.

Personalised proposal

We create a customised proposal, including recommended specifications, estimated savings, and financing options that align with your specific business requirements.


Our certified commercial solar installers handle all aspects of the installation process, from permits and panel mounting to electrical connections and system integration.

Quality assurance

We uphold stringent standards, conducting inspections and testing to ensure optimal performance, safety, and durability of your commercial solar system.

Ongoing support

Count on our comprehensive support and monitoring services to maximise the performance and longevity of your commercial system.

Experience the benefits of clean and sustainable power with confidence and choose SAE Group for a hassle-free commercial solar installation. Start your journey towards a greener future, and contact us today.

Frequently asked questions about solar system installations

Do you have questions about commercial solar systems? Read through our compiled list of frequently asked questions. If your query isn’t included in the list, feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our commercial and industrial solar power systems.

1. How long does a solar power system installation take?

The duration varies based on the complexity of the project. On average, the solar installation process takes between one to three days.

2. How long does a solar system last?

Commercial solar systems are designed to be durable and long-lasting, with an average lifespan of over 25 years. The solar panels typically come with a performance warranty of 25 years, ensuring reliable energy production.

3. How long does it take to get the return on investment for a commercial solar system?

The ROI for a commercial solar system depends on factors such as energy consumption, system size, available incentives, and financing options. On average, businesses can expect to recoup their investment within 3 to 4 years through energy savings and potential revenue from feed-in tariffs.

4. Are there financial incentives and rebates available for commercial solar installations?

Yes, there are various financial incentives, grants, and rebates offered by government bodies and utility companies to support commercial solar installations. These can significantly offset the upfront costs and improve the ROI of your system.

5. What financing options are available for commercial solar installations?

SAE Group offers flexible financing options tailored to meet your business’s needs. Whether it’s a power purchase agreement (PPA), leasing, or loan options, our experts can guide you through the available financing options and help you choose the best solution.

6. Can the current system be expanded in the future?

Yes, commercial solar systems are scalable and can be expanded as your energy needs grow. Whether you require additional panels or an increase in capacity, our experts can design a system that allows for future expansion.

We hope these FAQs have provided you with valuable insights into our commercial solar energy solutions.

Talk to our team of solar power experts

Find commercial solar system installers for your business at SAE Group. Schedule a consultation today so we can help you find the bundle that best suits your needs.

Tugun Compounding Pharmacy

With the Tugun Pharmacy have two tenancies, we split the solar up into a 10kW, 3 phase SMA inverter and 10kW of panels running the downstairs shop, and a 5kW SMA single phase inverter with 5kW of panels running the upstairs room.

We designed the system this way for the power generated by the solar system to be spread evenly at the distribution switchboards so that it was used internally in the premises, minimising the export to the grid and maximising returns..

Our points of difference

SAE Group is a wholly owned and operated Australian company with large scale design, solar system installation and commissioning capabilities for solar energy generation and storage, including on roof, ground mount, off grid, infrastructure and solar farm expertise.

Our level one electrical capabilities include, but are not limited to, underground and overhead electrical reticulation and substations, street lighting, high voltage cable jointing and installations, transformers and traffic signals for various networks and main roads, rounding out our energy expertise to seamlessly integrate renewable energy to power your business.


Our core capabilities

What our business clients say

Education & sports projects

St Joseph’s & St James College

Schools really are the perfect candidates for solar generation. With the majority of their power being consumed during the strongest sunshine hours in the day. To date we have delivered 35% higher than projected savings. St Joseph’s College are currently enjoying a 35% reduction in their power bill due to self consumption throughout the day, effectively lowering their COO substantially.

Play Surfing Australia

Surfing Australia installed solar power on their high performance centre based in Casuarina, NSW in an effort to lessen their carbon footprint and, as a not for profit organisation, to reduce ongoing operational costs. After assessing the average daily energy consumption (448.8kWh) the below 99.6 kW Seraphim and Fronius solar system was installed.

– 3 x 20kW Fronius Symo Inverters
– 302 x 330w Seraphim Panels
– Smart monitoring – commercial

The system installed was designed to generate a daily average of 386.7kW, which accounts for 85% of the sites daily electricity consumption.

Get in touch today for a free energy assessment on your business

Council projects

Tweed Shire Council

Tweed Shire Council tendered for a renewable energy solution to assist in reducing their reliance on the grid and effectively reducing their overall operating costs. After careful consideration of the site and a thorough assessment of electricity consumption, desired outcomes and budget, SAE Group recommended a 91kW system, spread across the Council’s two sites. A 29.4kW system was installed to reduce the offset the office electricity consumption, while a further 63.6kW system was installed at the depot.

Byron Shire Council

Installing a large system was an intentional ‘future-proofing’ decision of the Byron Shire Council as they anticipate continual growth. The car park structure will offset daily energy usage and also allow for Electric Vehicle chargers that will be added to the site as a service for the community and shoppers.

System components:
– 100kW solar system
– 250 x 400w Sunpower P-19 Panels
– 82kW SolarEdge Inverter
– SolarEdge P850 Optimisers
– 30kW network protection board
Avg. daily consumption: 300kWh
Avg. daily solar generation: 373.78 kWh (124.6% of daily energy requirements)

Logan City Council

Logan City Council wanted to reduce carbon emissions, save on electricity costs, and provide leadership to the local community in the use of renewable energy. Three 100 kilowatt solar PV systems were subsequently installed at three Logan City Council facilities; Logan Metro, Beenleigh Library and Marsden Depot, each using identical equipment.

System Components:
– 100kW Solar System
– 250 x 400w SunPower P19 Panels
– 1 x 82.8 kW SolarEdge Inverter
– SolarEdge Power Optimisers
– 30kW Network Protection Board

solar panels installed on industrial building roof

Clubs & business projects

Ocean Shores Country Club

Ocean Shores Country Club wanted to improve its sustainability efforts, reduce its carbon footprint and reduce electricity costs. After an independent review of the clubs electricity consumption, it was determined that a 75kW system would help to achieve this.

System components:
– 4 x SMA STP17000TL Tripower Inverters
– 300 x 250w Trina Panels
The system reduces the clubs energy consumption by 115MWh annually.

JJ Richards

SAE group worked closely with JJ Richards to tailor individual energy solutions for the needs of each of their sites. Installing a total 850kW across the business. To date JJ Richards have enjoyed exponential savings across all of these sites. The business has off-set 4,638 tonnes of carbon emissions, and is now producing more than 40% of its energy needs from the sun. This has significantly reduced their reliance on the grid and has helped to eliminate the demand spike charges that were eroding the business’ operating costs.

The Ivory Tavern

Commercial and environmental reasons saw The Ivory Tavern making the switch to solar with the installation of a 87.78kW system.

System components:
– Fronius Symo inverters
– 266 x 330w Seraphim 72 cell panels
The system is designed to cut the taverns electricity bill by 28%, delivering an annual electricity saving of $21,500.

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