Want a 5kw Solar System in Queensland? You Need to Get in Before Sept 30!

Looking at installing a 5kW Solar System in Queensland?

Thanks to Ergon and Energex you are now sitting on a time limit. The Queensland energy providers are once again changing the rules for installing solar in Queensland. We explained the reasons in detail here in this blog post but will touch over the basics again now.

What most Australians don’t understand is the electrical grid is a complex machine that needs a balance between energy supply and demand. Adding a different source of energy, such as solar, can and has at peak times altered this critical balance effectively ‘tripping’ the grid. Power quality issues then emerge as soon as sun exposure varies throughout the day.

To combat this Ergon and Energex has stated that all inverters over 3kW must have “Reactive Power Control”. Solar in Australia, has reached similar proportions to that in Germany a few years back where the problem was first discovered. The issue of the reactive inverters is not to limit the output or reduce the Feed In Tariff, it is simply to help harmonise the output from the inverter with that on the grid. With the potential increase in power being fed back into the grid by the larger solar systems around the middle of the day, the reactive inverters will simply prevent the feed in power upsetting the grid.

When this announcement was made at the beginning of the year, here at SAE Group, we made the decision to ensure our customers weren’t caught off guard. When it comes to Solar, you get exactly what you pay for. Sadly in this industry there are be wheeler and dealers who have taken advantage of the cheaper inverters at fire sale prices from companies who have gone bust and are looking to use scare tactics to offload their old stock of inverters as quickly as possible. Remember they will not be able to return these items to the wholesaler for replacement,  like the reputable companies can.

Our Range of Inverters with Reactive Power Control are not only compliant but are still at the same price of the earlier models, so don’t be fooled by the scare tactics threatening higher prices. So which models are the best for a Solar Power System over 3kW in Queensland?

  • The SolaX Range of inverters come complete with wi-fi options, single & dual trackers (depending on which aspects your panels are placed on your roof) plus export limiters. We also have Hybrid ready and Hybrid inverters available.
  • The SMA Range of inverters also feature dual trackers with an RS485 communication card (this communication system will allow you to link to the Tesla battery systems when they are released on the market)
  • The ABB Aurora Range of inverters comes with the RS232 communication card (which will also allow these inverters to link to the Tesla battery systems when they are released on the market)
  • The JFY Sunseed 3000 is a brand new range of inverters that have been developed in conjunction with the SAE Group. They are one of the ONLY inverters to feature an audible earth-leakage warning alarm and can be fitted with the RS232 communication card to be battery ready
  • The Zever Solar inverter is a single tracker featuring power reactive control.

Still not sure how this will affect you? Contact us today and one of our experienced team will be happy to answer all your solar questions!


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