Battery Storage Subsidies for 5000 ACT Households

Tesla’s Home Battery – Powerwall

The ACT government has announced a new grants program to companies offering battery storage subsidies for households and businesses with rooftop solar.


Beginning next year, the $20 million program will be rolled out to 5000 Canberra homes with rooftop solar, allowing them to store energy to use at night or at other times of low solar generation. The program will subsidise 36MW of battery storage and excess power generated by homes could be sold back into the grid

ACT Environment Minister Mr Corbell said the battery storage subsidies were cost effective and would make Canberra a centre for battery storage technology going forward.

“There are a number of Canberra companies that are positioning themselves to take advantage of this significant technological revolution that is coming forward when it comes to battery storage at the household and business level,” he said.

“Battery storage is going to fundamentally change the way our electricity networks operate. We want the ACT to be at the forefront of that change to take advantage of the economic opportunity that comes from this massive increase in this side of the low carbon economy.”

In a pilot program next year, $600,000 in grants would be given to companies contracted to deliver battery storage to households, allowing them to offer competitive packages to households. The pilot would test “regulatory and technical issues”.

“This is a new technology and we need to make sure that our electrical safety laws, our other planning and development laws, are keeping pace with the arrival of this technology and making sure we’re well positioned for a larger scale rollout,” Mr Corbell said.

The decision to offer battery storage subsidies comes after the ACT government called for expressions of interest in next generation renewables earlier this year. Making this the latest push towards a target of 90 percent renewable energy.

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