SolarZone Window Film Range

SolarZone’s “Energy Efficient” Window Film Saves You Money & Keeps You Comfortable

SolarZone window film is a self-adhesive laminate made up of layers of thin film modified by a number of advanced coating SolarZone Window Film Filters the sun's heat, glare and harmful UV raysprocesses. Professionally applied to the exterior or interior of the glass, SolarZone films filter sunlight; reject heat, glare and harmful UV radiation; and at the same time allow natural light to come in. SolarZone maintains the window’s transparency but controls the amount of solar energy radiating into the room, resulting in a cooler interior. This cuts cooling costs, reduces wear and tear on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment, and lowers your home or building’s carbon footprint.


SolarZone Reflective Window Films Offer Maximum efficiency with the shortest payback.

The SiSolarZone Reflective Window Filmslver Reflective window film range brings maximum efficiency at competitive prices. They combine a strong visual statement with effective heat rejection to deliver fast payback and long-term energy-savings.

The cost effective construction of the Silver reflective film offer high solar reflectance and an impressive solar energy rejection. A highly effective, versatile film suitable to both interior and exterior applications and ideal for energy savings is also available in a Low-E variant.

A perfect choice for commercial projects.


SolarZone Dual-Reflective Window Films Curb the heat, but retain the ambiance

SolarZone Dual Reflective Range of Window FilmDual-Reflective high-performance window film range combine high exterior reflectance with low interior reflectance and excellent solar energy rejection. Their neutral interior appearance preserves night views.

If energy savings are important, the OptiTune range of window film rejects up to 84% of total solar energy with an energy efficient exterior face. This ideal combination allows you to curb the heat while retaining the ambiance in your home or building.

OptiTune 15 offers the a rich low reflective appearance from the interior with a sophisticated solar energy repelling exterior that offers high levels of daytime privacy and glare reduction.

If you still require the maximum light into your home, the OptiTune 40 supplies the same sophisticated solar energy repelling exterior with minimal changes to your windows appearance.

These films are recommended for both residential and commercial applications.


SolarZone Neutral Window Films are both Subtly efficient and pleasingly aesthetic

SolarZone Neutral Window Film Range Gets Great ResultsSolarZone Neutral window films provide low reflectance both inside and out to effectively reduce heat gain and glare — with little change to the natural view.

The Natura Range of window film is dark and stylish offering great privacy and glare reduction. The warm dark appearance is ideal for domestic and residential application. Energy savings are a given with the Natura 15 film due to the high heat rejection with a neutral with minimal changes to your windows appearance. If privacy is an issue then the Natura 07 is a high performance film with a neutral grey appearance that offers high levels of energy savings and glare reduction.

Cold Steel 20 is made with a US patented process that gives a fully metallised structure. The subtly efficient and pleasing aesthetic is perfect for solar energy savings with a neutral grey appearance that gives high glare reduction.

They are the aesthetic choice for residential, commercial and retail projects


SolarZone Spectrally Selective Window Films allow you to feel the difference without changing the appearance

SolarZone Spectrally Selective Range of Window FilmSpectrally Selective window films efficiently reject heat by filtering out infrared (IR) radiation, without any noticeable change to the appearance of the glass.

The e-Lite 70 window film is perfect for maintaining maximum light while preserving the natural appearance of the glass with effective heat rejection. The e-Lite 70 Safe is a security film option delivering break-in, shard and impact protection.

Ideal for residential, retail and commercial energy upgrades where it’s important to preserve architectural integrity together with interior and exterior views.


Tinted Window Film that acts like frosted glass or privacy glassSolarZone Speciality Window Film Range are ideal for privacy and specialist applications

The Matte 2 Mil window film gives a translucent sand blasted effect to your windows which adds privacy and with the right applications, designer elegance to doors and room dividers.

The Skylite film is, as the name suggests is ideal for solar energy savings on skylight applications.


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