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5kW Inverter? Upgrade Your Solar Power Now – Before the Rules Change in October 2016!

Upgrade Your Solar The powers that be are changing the rules again on Upgrades to Your Solar and limiting to what you can save from the of 30th September 2016. At the moment, as a Solar customer, you can have a total system capacity of 1.33 times your nominal AC output on the inverter and still receive STC’s – this means you can increase your Solar capacity. In dollar terms, if you have a 4.6kw AC output (which is the output on the majority of 5kw inverters) your Solar Panel count can be increased to 6kw and you still receive the STC’s which is a saving of $760!  This is your last chance to Upgrade Your Solar! Make the decision now to increase your solar output by October and save.

As soon as October arrives, inverters must have minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) capability which gives the Electricity Suppliers the ability to control your inverter. For you the customer, this means all inverters already installed without MEPS will NOT be able to have panels upgraded or panel capacity increased after October and RECEIVE the STC discount. 

The ONLY option you as a current Solar customer to increase your number of panels and solar output from October to ensure you still get the STC discount is to then upgrade their inverters with the MEPS capability. You can also upgrade your old 170w or 190w panels to more efficient 250-260w panels complete with a new 10-year warranty and still receive the STC discount as long as the install is completed before October and their inverter is still on the CEC approved list.

It‘s also important to remember when it comes to Upgrade Your Solar, more often than not you get exactly what you pay for.  There will no doubt be some Solar wheeler and dealers who have taken advantage of cheaper inverters at fire sale prices from companies who have gone bust who will be looking to use scare tactics to offload their old stock of inverters as quickly as possible. If the price is too good, double check as they will not be able to return these items to the wholesaler for replacement with the up-to-date models like the more reputable companies can.
Upgrade Your Solar SMA-Inverter
Despite the limit imposed on the inverter size, IF you have a quality inverter (like one of the models here) you can still overload your system up to 20% i.e. 5kW up to 6kW. You can even go one step further, with a top rated SMA5000TL which you can step up to 6.5kW. Here the inverter doesn’t export the higher power, it does broaden the shoulders of the peak output time giving you a longer period of maximum output. You should not be paying more for your system – unless the company you are being quoted by is taking serious advantage of your lack of knowledge of this situation.

If you are looking to upgrade your system and want to take advantage of the STC savings to the value of $760! Click the button below and we will assess your system to see if it is capable of receiving an upgrade. Can’t wait? Tap to Call 1300 18 20 50


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One thought on “Last Chance To Upgrade Your Solar Before STC Rules Change

  • Felix Fedeli

    I have my house with solar panel and another which I renting out.
    My House has a 3Kw (purchased on April 2012) and the other 2kw system.(purchased on May 2013)
    Both house have Aurora/Seraphim solar system.
    My question is how much (approx) will cost me to upgrade the above property to 5Kw system?
    Would my extended warranty on my 3Kw Aurora inverter be transferred on the one to be replaced?
    I would like also if possible some info about the new technology of solar battery storage system.
    Thank you,

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