SAE Group Solar Installation Testimonials

Here at SAE Group, we pride ourselves on excellence and a job well done regardless of the size of the Solar installation. In fact, we specialise in Solar quotes and installation from small residential 1.5kW to large 100kW commercials systems.

With SAE Group, the price you get is inclusive of everything you need for a top quality system.

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Unlike other solar companies, SAE Group do absolutely everything from start to finish. There is a reason we are a Solar Quotes Platinum Rated Installer … we pride ourselves on the quality of our systems and installations.

But don’t take our word that we are the best, hear what some of our customers have to say:

5kW Solar Installation

Toowoomba 6kW Solar Installation

I live in Toowoomba and it was great to deal with a local fella who lived in town even though their head office was not in Toowoomba. The knowledge he had was great and they offered to match any other quote. No other quote was anywhere near as good as theirs anyway. I went with a bigger system so when the battery prices come down over the next few years I can automatically install a power wall without upgrading. The fella said the rebates might not be as high or even available in a few years so I was very happy with his logic and appreciated his honesty. I was annoyed with Ergon only allowing 1.8 as the maximum feed in upload into the grid but in a few years I will be storing all my excess energy in my batteries and won't need to rely on Ergon at all. Ergon are the only electricity supplier in Toowoomba - damn!

Sam Toowoomba 6kW Solar Installation August 18, 2015

Solar installs - SAE Group

Solar Installation Nundah

Would recommend these guys. Sales guy very knowledgable went around the house checking air cond units, lights etc where others just sat and spewed their sales pitch. Even moved my foxtel dish and paid me back for the reconnection costs. Dropped my $450-500 bill to just $25 first quarter. Still with govt changes to feed in I am extremely happy with our purchase and always dropping SAE's name when talking to others.

Mark Nundah, QLD 4kW Solar Install August 18, 2015

Solo Recovery 99kW Solar Installation

Solo Resource Recovery Solar

Both Solo Resource Recovery and RICO Recovery Systems found the entire process of investigating, sizing, developing a business case and installing the Solar System to be very educational and informative. Nathan from SAE was always available to answer questions, provided prompt responses and information immediately. The installation was smooth and very well coordinated, especially between SAE, the energy provider and retailers. Nothing was too much and any issues were addressed immediately.
Thank you SAE Group
Christian Wells – Procurement Manager
Solo Resource Recovery

Solo Recovery Chinderah Solar Installation May 17, 2016

Archie Crawford - SAE Solar Installation Testimonial

Solar Installation Northern NSW

One great benefit was having an approved qualified technician as part of the installation team, thereby removing the necessity of having to wait until some other company could fit you into their timetable to have the meter box component installed.

Archie Crawford Northern NSW Residential Solar Installation December 23, 2013

Anita_Tony-Ciappara SAE Solar Installation Testimonial

Solar Installation Petrie QLD

We made the big decision to invest in a large solar system for a number of reasons just on 12 months ago. SAE group provided us with accurate information, excellent service and a clean, professional and friendly install. After a year we are amazed at our results! Our power supplier has paid $1900.00 directly into our account - thus offsetting our Mortgage - plus we have NOT paid an average of $1300.00 in power bills. A combined total of $2200.00. At this rate our investment will be paid off within 3 years which is far better than our expectations and we have the security of knowing we will not need to pay power bills again! Investing in solar with SAE group and their professional approach was one of our best moves so far.

Anita & Tony Petrie QLD Residential Solar Installation December 23, 2013

Szandurski - SAE Solar Installation Testimonial

Residential Solar

While it has been a very busy time for all solar installers, we have found the company was very helpful on any enquiries we made and all time lines under their control were met. I would recommend SAE group to you if you are considering a solar system.

John & Gail Residential Solar Installation December 23, 2013

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