Solar Installation Petrie QLD

Anita_Tony-Ciappara SAE Solar Installation Testimonial
We made the big decision to invest in a large solar system for a number of reasons just on 12 months ago. SAE group provided us with accurate information, excellent service and a clean, professional and friendly install. After a year we are amazed at our results! Our power supplier has paid $1900.00 directly into our account - thus offsetting our Mortgage - plus we have NOT paid an average of $1300.00 in power bills. A combined total of $2200.00. At this rate our investment will be paid off within 3 years which is far better than our expectations and we have the security of knowing we will not need to pay power bills again! Investing in solar with SAE group and their professional approach was one of our best moves so far.

Anita & Tony Petrie QLD Residential Solar Installation December 23, 2013